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daycare and CDing

We have an in home daycare lined up for when Owen makes his appearance. I have not actually "met" her yet (spoken with her over the phone and have several friends that take their children there) so it is not 100% set in stone. We are supposed to meet in January.

DH is totally on board with CDing however he keeps saying that I need to call the babysitter and ask how she feels about CDing.  My thoughts on it are....I want to CD and if she isn't willing to do it, we will need to find someone else.  I don't see where she will have a problem with it though....  She may not know much about it, but once we show her how easy it is and that it is really no different from disposables, she will do what ever we wish.  Am I just being naive?

Is it a must that I call her before we make the final decision to CD?  What did yall do?

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  • We decided to cd and then found a daycare willing to work with us.  Ours was fully on board with it once we showed her what they were (in her mind she was thinking pins and rubber pants).

  • I didn't bring it up until I could speak with her in person with a Aplix BG4.0 in my hand. We were set on using her as our sitter, since she was a family friend and we trust her immensely, getting her to CD was just the icing on the cake.

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  • I would definitely mention it before getting your heart set on that place. We picked a DC that would do CDs...when I called around, if they weren't willing to see the diapers, they weren't worth my time. The ladies in the infant room at DC are all 50+ and some are over 70. So they are familiar with the old school cloth. And they love our dipes! I bet your sitter will be willing to do CDs if you just show her how they work. But I would ask soon because if she says no, it might be a deal breaker for you!


  • If it's going to be a deal breaker for you, then I would definitly bring it up.  Make sure you have one to show her as well as a wetbag so she knows how it will all work.  There is a chance she may just say no.  We had one daycare that flat our refused even after showing them how simple it was.
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  • For those whose daycare do CD, do you send aplix or snaps there?  Most of our dipes are snaps and I'm hoping daycares will be okay with that.

    (sorry if this is post stealing, just figured it was on the same topic)

  • I would definitely call her and ask her ahead of time.  Not everyone is going to be on board with CDing whether or not you want them to be.  I am a recent convert (been wanting to since I was pregnant, but due to a few reasons (mostly DH-related) didn't switch until recently.  And only after I learned daycare was totally onboard and supportive of it (and they were excited about it and hope it catches on with the other parents as Stella is the first in cds there).

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