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Different type of Daycare Cloth Question

My son started a new daycare 3 weeks ago.  Overall he is doing great and we are so pleased.  When we signed up the center said cloth was no problem and it hasn't been until yesterday.  Yesterday the infant room director was in the infant room instead of the normal worker that looks after Cole.  She called me at work after he'd been there about   1/2 a day to say he had an awful rash ( he was fine when we left home) and that she thought it was due to his cloth diapers and wanted to switch him to disposibles ( they requested you provide a pack as a back up to the cloth when you start).  She also mentioned he seemed to have diarrhea.  I said to put him in a disposible for today if it makes the diarrhea easier to handle.

 When I picked him up she went on and on about how the cloth diapers made marks and were confining and how much more freely he moved in sposies and how much happier he was in them.  I agreed he could stay in sposies until his diarehhia cleared up.  His bum did have a rash with open areas.

When I cleaned out his wet bag last night the poopy diapers were in there poop and all just kind of mashed around ( his worker has always flushed the poop), and there were no wipes ( we use cloth wipes because little one gets a rash from  disposable wipes (we have tried several kinds and he gets instant red bum)).  So now I think maybe the open areas on his bum are from them using disposable wipes not the diarrhea.   Any way between the directors comments, and the poop filled wet bag I am now wondering if I need to talk to her about cloth diapers, because I feel like she is pushing sposie's.  I will definitely talk to her about the wipes as I think they are a problem, but should I just drop him off tomorrow and say that they are to put him in cloth again and leave it at that or should I talk to her about her comments and the wet bag.  TIA 

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Re: Different type of Daycare Cloth Question

  • I would talk to her about cloth diapers, specifically about how it was probably the disposable wipes that made him red.

    I think in most areas it's actually against health code for DCPs to dispose of the poop.  My daycare just rolls it all up and I dispose of it when I get home.

  • Ditto pixy

    Plus at that age DD's 1 year molars came in and made her butt look awful. It had nothing to do with what kind of diapers she was in.

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