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Need advice please!!!!!!

I am at my breaking point right now. My daughter is 4 month now and still sleeping like she is a fact worse. Most of the time I can't get her down for the night so I've just been waiting until I go to bed and bringing her with me because I would spend hours nursing, burping, rocking and laying her down only to have her wake up 10 minutes later. She strains like she is uncomfortable, I try burping her and sometimes a burp will be there but most the time not. So I end up bringing her to bed with me at like 11 nurse her to sleep and she will sleep till like 2 or 3 next to me. Then from that point it is constant straining like she has gas, nursing for a few minutes then falling asleep only to wake up in discomfort, nursing repeat for like three or 4 hours straight and then she will sleep quietly from like 7 to 830?? I try burping, seems like gas but nothing works? Im going insane, it has been 4 months of this behavior and it only seems to get worse. My son, now 2 acted similarly as a baby...basically never slept. I hear moms complain their babies are up every 2 to 3 hours still and that sounds amazing to me. I wish I could get 3 hours of uniterrupted sleep :/ Anyways, I found out at 8 months that my son had a dairy allergy. I EBF so in hindsight I realized that perhaps half his problem was from the dairy I was consuming in my breastmilk. So I am going to try to eliminate it from my diet and try that, maybe she is allergic too? Something is wrong this is just ridiculous. And during the day I am lucky if she takes a nap at all and it usually is in the baby bjorn or next to me in bed basically nursing the whole time. Does any of this sound familiar to anyone???? I am going to lose my mind :/

Re: Need advice please!!!!!!

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    No advice , just feel blessed to be able to sleep preaty much TTN ;) Hope it gets better for you sooner than later :]
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    What do you mean by "she strains" is she grunting, arching her back? Does she spit up a lot? whine and cry? there may be an underlying problem like refulx or something? have to talked to your Pedi? Dairy can be a problem - I think eliminating it might be a good idea.
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    My DD used to wake up screaming in pain and pass very large farts which would give a little bit of relief but she wouldn't sleep very well day or night because of it. We had other issues, too, but anyway... When I eliminated dairy the issues stopped within days. And we haven't had any major troubles since then (except once or twice when I "relapsed"). She's been sleeping much better and is way less gassy. She's also much happier during the day, too.

    My DD is not allergic but she definitely has an intolerance. But, I'm already noticing her growing out of it as I can now consume hidden dairy and small amounts of milk if it's baked into the dish and she tolerates that just fine. I'll continue to add small sources slowly for a while, I've read many babies have issues with cow's milk in the breastmilk, but most outgrow it around 6 months.

    PS - almond milk is delicious! 

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     if I were you, my first step would be evaulating your diet. If shes straining, something isnt agreeing with her and thats why she wont sleep. I also would talk to your pedi....thats not good for her or for you that she wont sleep.

    otherwise, are you swaddling? i know you say she wont go down for long, but have you tried it? i know people say 4 months is old for swaddling, but my LO is 5 months today and he is still swaddled. And he STTN. last night slept from 10pm to 730 this am.

    Some babies just arent good sleepers though. It sounds like your LO is not a good sleeper.  Good luck, keep us posted. Hang in there, i'm sure its very tough :(

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    Perhaps the pediatrician might help with a prescription for gas. We've been lucky with swaddling (yes, I still do it). It signals that it's bed time and she stays asleep.
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