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We brought DS home yesterday (yay!) and he has a peditrician appointment this afternoon.  I am a bad mother and didn't actually interview docs, I just made this appointment based on a recommendations.  So, this will be my first time meeting her.  What kind of things should I be asking?  I am trying to make a list so I don't get there and ask one or two questions and then think of ten more once I get home.


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    I interviewed for a pedi but ended up using one which was the most recommended anyways.  Other mommies know best - I would call first and find out if the office has seperate waiting rooms for well babies and sick babies - this was important for me with a preemie. DD was micro so I dont know how careful you are being about exposure but I asked that DD be taken straight to an exam room to wait - I didnt even want her in the well waiting room (we still do this but only if we have to come in on the sick side for something - love my pedi for this). Make sure you bring your discharge summary from the hospital or call and make sure they received a copy - its important for the pedi to know your LOs hospital course. I asked all the pedi's I met with about their feelings on vaccinations (ie, all at once, spaced out, not at all etc. depending on your feelings), saturday hours or when the least busy times are for appointments, walk in rules, insurance issues if you have any, do they charge co-pay for weight checks/vaccine appointments, and make a list of things about LOs health that you want to know about. i know I had a million questions about feeding (do I stick to NICU schedule, when do i increase amount, etc.) and monitoring weight gain and growth. HTH
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    We were told when DS came home that anyone taking care of him needed updates on vaccinations particularly DTAP since whooping cough is making a comeback.  Also, what medications (over the counter stuff, motrin, etc) to have on hand in case your LO gets sick in the middle of the night or something.  You might have been told by the NICU staff about all that already!  
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    I think the biggest thing is just to make sure you get a good vibe & gut feel for the pedi.  That was the most telling thing for me.


    It might be nice if your office has designated sick vs. well rooms, but ours doesn't. 

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