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What type do you use and why?

I think pockets will work well for us, but I would like to know what you guys use and why?

I have also thought about AI2s... Because with those don't you just have to change the liner and not the whole diaper?

If any of you have used both, what are the pros/cons of pockets vs. AI2s or vice versa?

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Re: What type do you use and why?

  • Please read the FAQs, I think this question is in there.

    Basically it's personal preference.  Some people don't mind stuffing pockets, some people hate it, etc.

  • I LOVE our one size pockets and find them easier than anything else and easy for my husband...Particularly our bumgenius 4.0s and blueberries...I like these two the best out of everything we have tried.  At night we use fitteds, though, with a wool cover and haven't had one issue with leaks. 
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  • Personally I love the pocket diapers. I can adjust the absorbency according to what we are doing (home, nap, bedtime, out and running) and it makes it super easy for DH to change. 
  • Pockets are my favorite, we have a few AI2s and I just can never get them to work. The liners always bunch up on us and then we have problems with leaks. I keep them in my diaper bags as spares.
  • I love pockets.  We use mostly fuzzibunz and charlie banana.  I have a couple AI2's, but find them bulky.  The pockets are great for washing, dry fast, easy for DH to use, and I don't find it too much extra work to stuff them.  I just do it in advance.  

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