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Back from RE

And the official diagnosis is still unexplained secondary infertility.  I was partly hoping that he would find something my OB missed but nothing.  They did run a thyroid panel and are waiting for that but he didn't think anyting would show up.  So we continue with the IUI's, he thinks that is the best way for me to get pregnant.  Switching from Clomid to Femera since I have horrible side effects on Clomid.  We will do 2 or 3 more IUI's and hope one works.  If not then maybe lap surgery, although the RE didn't seem to think that would increase my chances very much.  Ugh.
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Re: Back from RE

  • I have been diagnosed with unexplained SIF as well.  I often think that if there was something "wrong" with me, it would be easier to fix. 

     I hope that Femara and your next IUI brings you a BFP!

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  • I'm sorry that they didn't have more answers for you!  I hope that Femara and your next IUI brings you the BFP you're waiting for! Good luck!
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