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a few questions for those of you who have succeeded:

1. Do you just let LO cry and never go in the room or do you go in, pat or put your hand on them to reassure them?

2. Do you every give them a bottle or bf during the night or is that not done anymore?

3. Do you go in room at intervals of 5mins, 7mins, etc. or just all out cry fest?

4. finally: in your experience how long did it take and how many hrs a night for your LO to respond to CIO?

TIA guys.

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    we just started last night and were totally shocked at how well night 1 went. i know we're probably gonna have set backs, but it was the best night we've had in a very long time. i was sure he would fight and fight since thats what he usually does. we had maybe 20min total of crying all night. hers what we did.

    1 and 3- we let him cry for 3 min, when in and gave him his soother and shhed him for less than a min, then when back in 5 mins later. we only needed the 2 times in and he went to sleep. if he needed onother visit we would have gone in at 10 mins. tonight we will wait 5 mins the first time, then 7, and so on.

    2- i did bf him once last night at 3 am. i did this because hes used to eating several times at night and i didn't want him to starve. i put him back in his crib as soon as i didn't hear any sucking and he went to sleep on his own just fine. i hope to cut out the night feedings in 2 weeks or so. we'll see how it goes.

     4- the longest he cried was 10 mins at 12:00. This is when he usually wakes up and no amout of rocking wopuld calm him. this was our first night, so i'm sure it will fluctuated over the next week or so.

     it wasn't nearly as difficult as i thought it was going to be. good luck to you!

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    thanks! We started last night too.  He only cried for about 20 min, which surprised me.  I went in every 5 min.  I did end up giving him a bottle at about 4:15, because he had been used to eating every 4hrs and I felt like he would be starving.  I didnt know if it was right to feed him for the CIO method, but Ijust did what I felt right.  Thanks for the advice!

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    I don't know either if its the by the book way to do it by feeding him, but i couldn't not feed him at all. he was getting up every 1-2 hours and nursing, so i thought it would be unfair to him to just stop cold turkey. we'll see what tonight brings!
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    We're starting Ferber tonight. We plan on doing the progressive intervals as well as trying to stretch his feedings out (which the Dr. Ferber and his book say we can do all at once).

    The plan is that the first night we'll feed him at bedtime and every 2.5 hours but put him back in the crib awake and do the intervals until he puts himself to sleep - on night 2 we'll feed him every 3 hours and so on until we're down to 2 night feedings and he can put himself to sleep. 

    Right now he wakes every hour until midnight and then every 2 hours afterwards to eat. I'm not opposed to feeding him at night at all - but what we are doing now is excessive and he doesn't nurse every time even though I offer it so he's clearly not hungry every time he wakes up.

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    1. We go in the room to reassure him for no longer than 1-2 min

    2. We cut down on the night feeding (but not completely) before we started Ferber.  Then when we started training we went cold turkey. 

    3. we followed Ferber's schedule...I think it started with 5 minutes, then 7, 10 etc the first night and then increased the time after each night.

    4. The first night LO cried for 30 minutes when we first put him down.  He woke up around 2:00 and cried for another hour.  The second night he only cried 20 minutes when he first went down but didn't wake again until morning.  The 3rd night there was no crying and no night wakings.  It's been a week and a half and he very rarely fusses for more than 5-10 minutes now when we put him down.  Most nights he doesn't fuss at all.


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    I read an ebook from the sleep site for guidance but its basically a version of the ferber method. We let LO CIO without going in. We have a video monitor so I can watch and make sure he is ok (other than the crying). I would only go in if I heard him choking from crying too hard, or if got sick or something like that. Its hard to watch him cry but it has worked miracles for us. After LO was waking every 45 min for two weeks (and had never STTN before) I was desperate to try anything. I was shocked that he cried for 5 minutes and fell asleep. He woke a few more times that night and each time fell asleep after 10-20 minutes of crying. The next night he cried less and less. It has been about a week now and he is sleeping from 7pm to 430 am, fussing for maybe 5 min, and back to sleep til 7am. Im hoping this isnt a fluke but so far it has helped us so much. I am able to function again and he is a much happier baby. It feels awful to watch them cry but watching him on the monitor and knowing he is safe, I feel ok about it because I feel I am teaching him to sleep long enough to be rested and that its ok to be in his crib. Good luck!


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    We started last Wednesday (night before Thanksgiving).

    1. We went in at 3 min, 6, min, 12 min, etc. When we went in, we would pat his back, but wouldn't speak (it seemed to really rile him up).  We stayed for less than 2 min.

    2. No bottles, bf at any point. But, he hasn't needed it for a while (he'll be 6 months on Monday).

    4. The first night he cried for 46 minutes. It was a long time, but once he was down, he stayed down until the next morning. The next night it took 25 min. By the 4th night, and every night thereafter he's down in under 10 minutes with minimal crying.

    I know that CIO isn't for everyone, and it's definitely hard to listen to for long stretches - while you doubt yourself every step of the way! But, if you can stick to it, I'm definitely a believer after our own experience. GL!

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