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I'm going to be moving and DH says he wants me to use sposies during that time, however, I would rather use disposable inserts with my Thirsties covers.  Only thing is......from what I can tell, they are more expensive than an entire disposable diaper at 33 cents each being the cheapest I can find them.  I hear a lot of people like the gdiapers disposable inserts with the Thirsties covers.  So, what do you use?  And where is the cheapest place or way to get them? Any advice is appreciated!
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  • I've been using the GroVia biosoakers with a GroVia cover for overnights, although they would work well with any cover I think.  We've been struggling with diaper rash issues and need to use a diaper rash cream when changing diapers less frequently during the night, and the disposable biosoakers are really easy and absorbent.  We haven't had a single leak yet.  The package we're working on right now is off of babysteals.  We haven't had to restock yet, so I'm not sure where to find them the cheapest.  Unfortunately they're pretty pricey everywhere it seems.
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  • We use the gro-via inserts too when we travel.  Generally, CD type disposable inserts are more expensive because they are made more EF.  They are usually biodegradable or compostable and do not contain all the icky stuff in regular sposies.  You can get the g-diapers inserts with coupons at BRU/TRU cheaper sometimes.

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  • We use A LOT of gFlushies, Have a price through subscribe and save and amazon mom.  whole foods also put thems on sale for $3 less per pkg
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