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Britax Vs. Maxi Cosi

Oh how I hope this is my last carseat question... So I was set to get the Britax Boulevard in Blueprint and went to check out the size at BRU  and saw the Maxi Cosi Pria and really liked the looks of it. My concern is that because it is new, there are not a lot of reviews yet and they seem mixed.  

Does anyone have any experience with this seat? Should I go with the tried and true Britax? WWYD? 

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Re: Britax Vs. Maxi Cosi

  • I have the Maxi Cosi Pria, but baby's not here yet so we haven't used it.  I don't remember there being mixed reviews about it when I was researching.  I remember people commenting on some of the reviews unfavorably, but that was almost exclusively people dogging convertibles for infants and people who said they haven't personally seen or used the Pria so they would recommend the Britax.

    Given that I haven't actually used it or installed it (it's been raining here since we got it), I do really like the way the seat feels and operates.  I played around with removing the cover, adjusting the harness, etc, and it was pretty simple to figure out.

  • Hmmmm.  Maxi Cosi is owned by Dorel.  I presonally don't like Dorel because they tend to have more recalls than any other brand.  This looks like a Safety 1st Air seat with some added bells and whistles.

    I would go with Britax for that price. 

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  • I got the Pria 70 for my parents car. I love it so far.
  • Just because I was curious, I looked up the number of recalls for Britax vs. Dorel and according to, on the most recent recall list (2/14/11), Britax had 11, Dorel had 15, Chicco had 1, and Graco had 7. 

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