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Oh Katy snaps

I just got my first 4 diapers in. I got a FuzziBunz OS, Kissaluvs AIO NB, BG, and an Oh Katy. 

These are all I have to compare to, but the snaps on Oh Katy scare me. They're way too difficult to unsnap. I'm scared I'll rip them off when I go to unsnap. Just my two cents in case anyone wanted an opinion on Oh Katys.


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Re: Oh Katy snaps

  • I can tell you the snaps won't rip off, but they leaked every stinkin' time on DD, regardless of what we did.  I'll use them on DS (4 weeks old) when all of his other CD's are in the laundry, and they work okay on him. 
  • I have a couple of BG and GroVias and 1 Oh Katy. I didn't like the Oh Katy much, I don't remember if it was because of the snaps but I def thought the PUL on the BG was much nicer.
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