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What bottle brand?

Do you recommend?

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  • I think it's really personal preference.  I've heard great things about Dr. Brown's.
  • Dr. Browns was rec'd to me so we have a few (though I heard there are lots of parts that are a pain to clean), we also have some Playtex drop ins, and some glass Evenflo (apparently I can pump directly into these).

    Others have rec'd Tommee Tippee and Breastflow to me bc they most resemble human nipples which leads to less nipple confusion if you plan to BF.

    I was pretty overwhelmed with all the choices/recs, personally.  We'll see what works!  lol 

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  • I nursed and when I didn't nurse I pumped into the Medela bottles and my DS likes them.  I also have some Dr Browns bottles, but there are so many pieces to clean, so it becomes a hassle, and my son isn't colic so they are not a big necessity for us.  All and all I would register for a few different ones, because you never know what your LO is going to like.  


  • Some babies are picky, so it just depends on what works for you.  I really like Born Free bottles.  DS took to them easily and they didn't cause any problems with BF.  They have two extra parts to prevent gas but they're very easy to clean and assemble, unlike Dr. Browns.  I never had any problems with leaks either which I've heard has been an issue with Avent for some people.

    I would just get a couple of one brand to start with and then you can buy more of that kind or try something else if they don't work.  Choose a brand that has a wide bottle if you're planning to BF.

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  • I have Dr. Brown's bottles and Evenflo bottles. I like both, but DS is a messy eater, and the Evenflo bottles sometimes flow too fast, even with a slow flow nipple.
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  • I EP'd for the first 7weeks of ds' life and he used BreastFlow bottles (lucky, I guess, that he took right to those and we didn't have to try others). I give credit to those bottles  now because ds is a SUPER nurser (we EBF now)...never had an issue with latching on or anything - went right from bottle to breast like a pro.
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  • I like the born bottles, easy to clean the extra parts and they really do reduce the air they swallow. I really wanted something that was glass because I know that companies were rushing to figure out a way to make the plastics bpa free and idont trust that the quick solution they came up with will be safe, whereas I know the glass will be, plus I don't like heating up foods inplastic
  • For the first two months we used Playtex drop-ins, they were good, but H complained about buying drop-ins.  He thought it was silly since I washed the entire bottle anyway.  So, when I switched to big bottles I just bought cheap Evenflow bottles, and I love them.  My LO was not picky, but I know some LO's are so I wouldn't buy a bunch until you try that brand.




  • I had the breastflow at first. DS liked them, but he would get such a suction on them that I had to stop and get the milk back into the bottle (the nipple is a 2 part piece)

    Then I got the Playtex Ventaire and he likes them. My parents have Evenflo and he likes those too. Both are the angled kind.

  • We tried Avent, Playtex Drop-Ins and Maam.  We received them all as gifts.  DD was a super-easy bottle baby, so we could all of them.  The Drop-Ins became our favorite because of the cleaning involved.

  • I like Playtex drop-ins or Playtex ventaire.
  • I've been pretty happy with Avent.
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  • I registered for and received the Born Free bottles. DS never had an issue with them so I never had to try another bottle. I don't know if we will be so lucky with this next one!
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  • I loved the Born Free bottles.

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  • Drop-ins.  As a working mom, I have enough to do in the evenings.  I will gladly buy the liners if it means I have one less thing to wash at the end of the day :)
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  • Another vote for the Glass Born Free Bottles.  



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