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Graco Myride 65

Is the Graco myride 65 cover fully washable? I can't seem to find a review that addresses that area. Also I am comparison shopping this one versus the Britax Boulevard. Any thoughts?

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Re: Graco Myride 65

  • I looked at this seat and I believe the cover is washable.

    I have the Britax Boulevard and love it.  The Boulevard is the highest rated convertible seat (over 40 lb weight limit) in consumer reports.  CR looks at safety, fit to car, ease of use, etc.. After reading some reviews and the consumer reports ratings, and after checking out several seats in the store (including the Graco), I decided on the Britax.

    With that said, most carseats out there are very safe so I don't think you will be sacrificing safety if you get the Graco seat.



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  • Care instructions for the Graco MyRide 65:

    The Boulevard is a good seat as well. Ask over on which of the two fits better in your car. Generally, most car seat covers come off to wash, refer to either the manual or the manufacturer's website for wash instructions.

    FWIW, the qualified techs don't generally refer to Consumer Reports as their go-to guide for choosing seats. See their FAQ section:

    Q30: Consumer Reports rated my carseat very low. Is it safe?

    All carseats currently sold must pass minimum government requirements. Consumer Reports has its own methodology and does not discuss how they derive their crash test ratings or how their ratings relate to the risk of injury. They also conceal their results in colored circles, which don't tell you exactly how much safer a top-rated model is compared to a lower-rated one. Also, a carseat that worked for the dummies on the car benches at Consumer Reports may not fit well in your vehicle or with your child. A carseat should be safe if it fits your child, fits your vehicle, and you use it correctly every time. Also, please see our Carseat Buying Guide.

  • The MyRide 65 is a good seat, but it is BIG.  It is bigger and wider than the Britax Boulevard.

    The nice thing about the Britax seats is you can remove the cover without uninstalling the car seat. 

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