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Can PUL be embroidered?

Random question, but can PUL be embroidered? There's a logo that I want to get embroidered on a diaper as a surprise to DH, but I'm wondering if it's even possible. Has anyone done it? Did it affect the waterproof qualities of the diaper?

Googling hasn't told me much, except that it might be possible to add an extra layer of PUL or even that a round in the dryer would seal it. I figured I'd ask you ladies to see if anyone knew. TIA.


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Re: Can PUL be embroidered?

  • That many pokes through the PUL would likely ruin it.  I wouldn't do it.  Can you embroider a piece of fabric and then put PUL under it?
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  • PUL can be embroidered.  I don't know the details, but it's reinforced so that it doesn't leak.  Try looking on Hyena Cart for someone to do it for you.  Lots of WAHMs embroider diapers.

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  • Yes it can.  I have two WAHM pocket diapers that are embroidered.  No leaks.

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