Tummy time ::sigh::

The twins HATE tummy time.  I have tried doing it on the playmat, my chest, my lap, on the Boppy---it doesn't seem to make much of a difference---they can't stand it. They plant their little faces right into the mat or whatever it is we're using and don't really make much of an effort to lift or turn their heads to the side (I always freak out thinking they can't breathe).   Our PT wants me to do it 3x a day with them, which I am.  She doesn't seem too concerned with them, but as their mom it's hard not to be worried.  Anyone have any tips?
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Re: Tummy time ::sigh::

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    My only advise is to just keep at it even if it's only for a few seconds at a time. Try catching it on video so you will have it on hand to show your PT.
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    What about putting a mirror or toys in front of them?  Does that help? My son always did best when I got right down there with him and talked to him.  Sorry you're having such a tough time!
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    My DD hated tummy time too. Actually she only started liking her belly about 2 weeks ago. Best advice is to soldier on and keep doing it for short periods.

    Do you have a wrap or carrier? That's another good way to work on head control which may help with tummy time. Or ask your PT if they can get you a wedge mat to use. That helped DD a ton because she was on a incline and it was easier. 

    I totally get your worry and frustration...I thought DD would never master head control. She was about 5 months actual before she had it down but she did get there. Since then, most of her other milestones have come more easily. 

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    THIS was so difficult for us!

    We use it's been a God sent =)

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    Like others said, just keep at it. 

    One thing that worked for our boys was doing it outside (it may be too cold for that where you are now but if not, definitely try it). I guess they had more to look at and were more comfortable on grass with a soft, warm blanket to lay on.


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    DD hated tummy time with a passion - she would superman her arms and faceplant while screaming! she actually had good head control but just didnt want to be on her tummy - we tried it for a few seconds at a time as often as we could - only about the time she learned to roll did she start to like tummy time - she still rolls over sometimes and freaks because she realizes shes on her tummy.  But shes getting more and more into it.  Shes finally started to reach for and look at toys while on her tummy these past few weeks. Just keep trying as often as you can - for small amounts of time, she will start to like it more.
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