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Will Baby Gear All Match?? POLL

I'm looking at baby gear and like the Meadow Menagerie collection from Target, but I don't know if I want to spend extra money to get the entire collection so it matches or get the same product but in a different pattern/color for cheaper.

What are you planning on doing? Or have done??

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Re: Will Baby Gear All Match?? POLL

  • Different brands!

     I haven't bought anything yet, but here is my "wish list":




  • I didn't even consider getting everything to match. It seems a bit pointless to me...they'll all be in different spots.

    I wanted everything to be gender neutral. I'm also not crazy about animals on everything. Other than that I didn't care so much about the look...just ratings and how strudy the product felt.

    I did however find a car seat to match my truck's interior;). And I know the pack n play will probably spend a lot of time in our livingroom so I didn't want it to stick out like a sore thumb.

    The swing we went by best ratings.

    The stroller we went by what felt easiest to deal with.

    Lots of times when you go to look at all the matching pieces you end up not being so fond of certain ones (aka--stroller doesn't handle nicely or the swing is a piece of junk).

  • By chance, most of the items we ended up picking were made by Graco - stoller/car seat, highchair, pnp.  But the only thing that matches is the stroller and car seat since we bought a travel system so they came together.  Beyond that, the highchair and pnp were picked out because they would compliment the rooms they were going in (also because they had decent reviews).

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  • image mj.reilly:

    Different brands and patterns, but similar style and color palette. It wasn't planned, but it just happens that the products I like go well together (imo).

    Ditto.  Sticking with gender neutral brown, taupe, and green.  The stroller is the only item that stands out, as it's black with yellow.  As it purposely doesn't combine with anything else, I don't mind.  Anything that is out for prolonged periods in the living room next to each other coordinate.

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  • Trust me, when the baby arrives, you won't care. The only thing that matches is the crib, dresser/changing table, and toy box in the nursery and they are all IKEA. The rest.... fisher price, graco, evenflo, baby einstein, etc. 
  • For DS , we had a chicco grey (cubes) car seat / stroller, The FP rainforest swing and bouncy, and a graco pack and play and high chair that were the same pattern b/c i liked it. IMO, pick what you like, but it isn't like they're all in the same room even most of the time!
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  • Nothing I have matches... Chicco car seat, City Mini stroller, Graco PNP, Bright Stars bouncer, crib I got at a baby boutique, DH's old dresser, changing table bought at a rummage sale, etc... 
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  • None of the stuff we registered for matches. I wanted gender neutral stuff to be able to use with future kids. And a lot of the stuff we registered for was recommended in "Baby Bargains.". I have read and been told that those travel systems aren't worth it because the strollers are so bulky. I will say that the car seat we registered for (Graco snugride 35 Logan) has similar colors as the City Mini stroller we are getting.
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  • The swing, pack n play, and bouncer all match- Bright Starts Ingenuity Collection. The other stuff, like the stroller, carrier and crib set are jungle monkeys.
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  • We didn't match any of the baby gear.  We just knew we didn't want pinky pink pink for our little girl.  We have had different carseats - infant one was brown/tan, the 2 convertibles are tan and gray, respectively.  Our stroller is black and red.  The swing was FP Precious Planet.  The 2 bouncers were completely different but both blue.  You get the idea.

  • I haven't bought anything yet, but I don't want anything to match.  They will be in different areas, and I want to be able to buy the best item I can and not be limited to a particular brand.  I'm not big on sets and having anything match in general.  I like an 'ecclectic' look!



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  • Nope, it was more important for us to get what we thought was the best item in each category.

    - Chicco Keyfit 30 in Cubes

    - Uppababy Vista in Denny Red

    - Baby Jogger City Mini in Red

    - Graco Pack-N-Play(don't have a clue what the design is called but I think it's tan/gray, we've only used it once)

    - FP My Little Lamb Swing

    - FP Rainforest Bouncer

    - BE Playmat

    - BE Bouncer/Walker

    - FP Spacesaver Highchair (tan one)

    - Burberry Tonal Check Crossbody Diaper Bag in black

  • I wanted all neutral gear. The stuff that would be out in the house (pack n play, bouncer, swing, high chair) I wanted to be more of a tan color so that everything wouldn't scream "baby". I also picked my gear based on alot of research and reviews I had read. We had, and can't wait to use again:

    carseat: Graco Snugride 32 in Lemongrass (black and green), and the Graco Snugrider (snap n go) was black as well

    stroller: Maclaren Techno XT in black

    diaper bag: Skip Hop Duo Deluxe in black (attached to stroller)

    pack n play: Chicco Lullaby playard in Sahara

    bouncer/rocker: a Bright Starts one that they discontinued that was a tan and beige color

    high chair: Fisher Price space saver (the tan one)

    swing: Fisher Price Precious Planet Khaki Sands travel swing

    jumperoo: Fisher Price Precious Planet: the only bright colored baby gear that I owned! It's ok though, because it was DS's absolute favorite thing!

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  • Get the best item that is available for each category. When is your stroller going to be near your high chair? Or car seat with the PNP? I understand getting a matching travel system, but everything else really doesn't matter.
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  • Wow matching gear would be the last thing that I'd ever think about. I was more concerned with reviews of the different items. One brand is known for a good item and then may not be known for making some other good item. We did however did not buy anything by Graco for DD1 and plan to do so with LO2.
  • The only new item we really have is the stroller.  The crib was a gift from friends, the dresser/changer I got at a yard sale, the rocker is a gift from family, and most of the rest I got off craigslist or yard sales.  I figure I should see what the baby likes and i like before spending much money on that sort of thing.  My one decor splurge is custom fabric from spoonflower that I designed for crib sheets and curtains.  I also have some books shelves that are white and the room will be white and teal.  I figure I can always paint the wood white to match or re-stain if the different shades bother me.  I have a couple of loose themes to tie together fabrics and stuff (owls, trees, skulls), so we will see.  I am doing a car seat and stroller pad and I might do a cover for our used pack n play if I feel a need.  I'm not exactly in love with any standard looking pack n play etc so I figured it the look of something was going to bother me it would be better to buy it cheap and then spend the money on a cover I do like.
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