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Diaper Cover Rec & Trifolding

Hi Ladies! 

My DD is outgrowing her OS Sun Baby diapers (chubby legs!) and I'm thinking about adding a dozen prefolds to our stash as a substitute.  What diaper cover do you recommend?  We used Thirsties covers when she was a NB.  Also, was wondering about others experience with trifolding.  DD is a crawler and breastfed. 

Thanks for any help you can offer!  Smile

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Re: Diaper Cover Rec & Trifolding

  • My favorite cover is Blueberry coveralls. My second favorites are Thirsties Duo Wraps (aplix, hate the Thirsties in snaps).

    We use PFs during the day. We've been trifolding (no snappi) for so long now I can't remember when we quit using the snappis. It was after we started solids, so his poo wasn't quite as runny (which makes it less likely to get on the cover).
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  • With my first two babies, I've always used prefolds and a ProWrap cover. It was cheap and so easy even for DH to use. Like the previous poster, we used snappies in the beginning to try to contain the poo, but eventually just laid the prefold in the cover and snapped it shut.
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