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Days of Passion XTRA catch up (30 Days of Passion)

Hey Girls!  I'm soooooooo sorry I'm so behind.  I've been feeling so under the weather lately!

 So, we're behind by like 7 days.  I figured since it's just past Thanksgiving we should make up these 7 by specifically listing 7 things you are the most Thankful for (unless you already have your 7 passions!!!!).  It's ok if these are repeats :) 

If you haven't been playing but you want to, jump right in.  No need to start from the beginning...this can be an ongoing project :)

I invite you to list your passions.  Passion is not limited to just being thankful for something, but rather, I believe that passion comes in many forms in all emotions.  There are no rules.  The only guidelines, 1 passion per day, and no repeat passions.  The whole purpose is to help inspire you to rediscover or maybe even redefine who you are and the things you love

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Re: Days of Passion XTRA catch up (30 Days of Passion)

  • These are from my blog on Thanksgiving day:

    I am thankful for....
    My husband - his dreams, his heart, his growth, his passion, his protection, his love
    My son - my angel -- his courage, his strength, his heroism -- the opportunity to see and hold my guardian angel
    Pumpkin - aka Newbie -- that I am blessed to be pregnant again
    My family - for their support, their love, their kindness
    My friends - for letting me be whoever I need to be whenever I need to be
    Life Lessons - a chance to become greater than myself, to change, to be better

    And number 7....

    The Bump -- and all the wonderful ladies I've been able to find comfort, strength, encouragement from -- the opportunity to laugh, cry, vent, and just "be" whatever and whoever I need to be while I travel this road I've been led down.

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  • Well you have quite a good reason to be feeling "under the weather". ;-)  I actually had a really difficult time with Thanksgiving and wouldn't have posted anyways, so I like this improvisation.
     I am thankful for 
    1. My husband-He is my rock, he takes care of me, he loves and respects me and we have only grown closer this year.
    2. All 3 of my children- Though I can only be with 2 of them for now, I am proud to be mommy to all 3 of my kids.
    3. My family- especially my cousin who I have only grown closer to this year.  They have all been supportive and understanding and are always there when I need them.
    4. Everyone on here and the support I can find with all the strong women on this board.
    5. My faith- for helping me get through the loss of Annabelle and the belief that she is in a better place
    6.My health- This journey has only made me more appreciative of the health I have.
    7. My job- I got a new job nannying after Annabelle and I work for the sweetest family who appreciates what I do for them.  Their boys are wonderful and I love seeing them 4 times a week. 

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