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So far I have had 2 follow up appointments. The first was a few days after my loss and the other at 3 weeks. At the second appointment my doctor said he was releasing me and I could resume normal activity. We discussed what went wrong at both appointments, and as I was leaving he said he wanted me back in two months, which is tomorrow. Any idea why? Both appointments I talked to him in his office, so no exams. How many follow up appointments did you have?

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  • Your doctor may be wanting to do an exam, or he may just want to do an emotional well-being check-in and make sure you are doing ok, no PPD, etc.


    For me, I have my 6 week PP appointment tomorrow. It is my first follow-up with my midwives since delivery. But, I had blood clots after delivery and have been in the hospital and/or clinic at least twice a week since Carter was born. I am not sure if my midwives would have checked in with me more if I wasn't being seen for other things. (they did come visit me in the hospital and randomly appear at my blood draw appointments)

  • I had one weekly because I had developed pre-e and therefore high blood pressure, so he wanted to keep an eye on my b/p.  I hopefully have my last one tomorrow if my b/p is still as low as it was two weeks ago.  I will also have the regular post postpartum exam to make sure the stitches and everything healed well.  He may also just want to see how you are dealing with everything?  Hope it goes well for you.
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  • I had a 6 week PP appointment to make sure my uterus returned to its pre-preg size, but I would have liked one more for someone to check my mental/emotional status after my loss. Maybe he is having you come in for this reason?
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  • I think ya'll are probably right and the appointment probably is to check up on my mental health. Thanks for the responses.
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