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So Nate just got fitted for SMO's

I went all boy themed in the straps and cushions. We got red cushion, blue velcro and yellow straps that have trucks on them. They will be made by Cascade (sp?)

I was debating about just going all black and simple vs. a kid explosion of color. I hope I don't regret it....Stick out tongue

I am excited to get them and have hopes he will take off running.....oh, wait...I think I said that about ear tubes.....or was it the fish oil? Wink

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Re: So Nate just got fitted for SMO's

  • Yayyy.  We didn't really stick to Peyton wearing hers, but I do know a couple of other kids IRL who have them.

    My only advice (if you want it) would be that if you think he could be doing better with them, take them back they can sometimes add in extra arch/cut them down.  

    Our PT always looked at Peyton in hers and told us what we could do to make them help her more.


    (we got pink straps and the pink flowers lol) 

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  • Fun! At least you get to have a little fun with them. DS has a pair of plain off the shelf ones from Cascade. They seem to have helped a little. He'll likely be switching types soon. Definitely take them back if you notice any gait changes or things that make you wonder if they're working right.

    Good luck! We call them DS's "magic shoes" and he's never r eally fought wearing them.

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  • Both my girls have the surestep afos and it's amazing what a difference it makes.  DD#1 went from hardly standing to walking in 3 months and DD#2 is just about running with them on.  I love picking out the patterns and DD#1 is finally starting to pick them out.  She always get the flowers with the pink straps.  Welcome to the cool shoes club ;)
  • Yay!  I went with bright colors too!  Aiden's first pair had jungle animals on it with yellow cushions and red straps.  :)  His pair now has colorful bugs on it (he picked it) with same color straps and cushions.  :)  We are possibly going to AFOs to help with his tow walking...but we will go with bright colors if we do.  I figure they need to be fun.  

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