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Chicco Capri Stroller

Does anyone have one? It's recommended in Baby Bargains and I like that it's simple, lightweight, and on the inexpensive side. However, it looks like the bin underneath is not very large and wouldn't be worth much when needing to haul around baby gear, shopping bags, etc. We've tried it out at BRU and like the way it handles, however it's hard to tell how useful (or useless) the bin will be.

Anyone have advice? Or have another recommendation that's also simple, lightweight, and under $100?


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Re: Chicco Capri Stroller

  • We used it for about 2 weeks before we returned it.  We hated it!!!  I liked how it handled in the store, but actually getting out and using it at park and mall was a different story?  First off, I?m short (5?3) and I felt like the handles were way too short.  DH (5?11) could barely push it because he had to hunch over so much.  The so called ?recline? option and canopy is a joke.  The basket underneath I thought was fine.. it had enough space for a few toys & blanket, but there is no way a diaper bag would fit.  The biggest thing that drove us both crazy is the wheels.  We would constantly kick and trip on them when we?d walk and I don?t have a very long stride.  I also felt like DS was uncomfortable if he sat in it for more than a half hour, like his legs would go numb because he couldn?t reach the foot bar. 

    We ended up buying the Britax B-Agile which is a 110% better!  It's more than $100 though....


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  • We have one and I keep it in the trunk of my car.  We started using it for DS1 after he was in a convertible carseat and didn't need the infant carseat/snap&go anymore.  It's perfect for what it is... a lightweight, inexpensive but pretty good quality stroller meant for stores, malls, etc.  (We also have a jogger for walks, the zoo, etc.)  The basket is pretty small, but that's not a deal-breaker for me.  I'm sure we'll use this stroller a ton with DS2 eventually as well.

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