Help just in an unsure place....

I have 6 mos id twin girls.  They were born at 33 wks due to suspected IUGR that wasn't ever really confirmed. They were born at 3 2 0z and 3 11oz   and now weigh a little over 11 lbs. I just need to know what they should be doing sleep/eating wise. They eat 4 oz at a time 6x a day with a veg 2x a day. They get like 1 oz of veg mixed with cereal total for the day. They take a morning nap(short) a early afternoon (long) a late afternoon (short) and are in bed by 7. We feed them a bottle at 10 pm when they are sleeping so they can fit in the 6th feed.They sttn.  How much solids are they supposed to have? They are small and sometimes it makes me wonder if I am not taking care of them well enough. My ped is no help, says they are small in a disapproving tone but offers no suggestions. They are active rolling and playing with toys so I don't think that they are behind in their milestones.  I don't have any other children to compare them to and all my friends kids were born at like lbs. I just want to know that I am taking good care of them.  Thanks!

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Re: Help just in an unsure place....

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    If they're active and seem to be hitting their milestones, they probably are getting enough food.  Because they were early, did they breastfeed, take regular formular or take neosure (higher calorie preemie formula)?

    Check out a heigh-weight chart (just google it and you can find several links) to see how they compare in weight and length. That can give you an idea of if they're skinny for their length or just petite. It seems like they're eating enough, but remember, when they're learning to eat solids, most of their nutrients will still come from the bottle, so you could offer them a bottle after the solid food.

    You said the ped offers no suggestions. Did you ask for some? pediatricians can be the most annoying people to deal with, because they don't always offer information. You have to be very proactive about asking. If the ped. thinks they're too small but doesn't know what to do, ask for a referral to a neonatal/pediatric nutritionist.

    Don't worry. As long as they're gaining some, not seeming hungry and diapers don't look like they're not absorbing the food (lots of diarrhea, that kind of thing), they're probably fine.

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    Sounds pretty on target to me! If you spend more time on the boards you'll get to know us and hear about or LO's - it's great because I don't know a lot of preemie moms IRL. Well, I didn't! We can't compare our LO's because each is unique and come from a unique circumstance. Even term babies do things at different times. Just enjoy! :)
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    They sound like they are doing great so I would worry too much. (easier said than done, I know Smile )

    My LO was born 30w5d 3lbs 3oz. He is now 6.5 months and weighs 13lbs6oz.

    Our pedi told us that at 6 months old babies should not have more than 4 bottles a day. He currently eats 4 6-7oz bottles and solids 2xday (1 tbsp oatmeal with 1/2 jar fruit/veggie in AM and 1 jar veggie in PM) . He also sttn 8-7 straight thru. Our pedi is very happy with him as well as the NICU follow up team.


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