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Yesterday the MFM sent us back to labor and delivery because now baby a's fluid is below 2.  She wanted to see if IV fluids would help him to regain some but so far no good...NST was non reactive this morning so we hadd BPP which showed fluid had not improved and it took a long time for baby a to breathe so now i am waiting to see if they are going to schedule delivery to get them out! I am ready...not ready for NICU and the weeks ahead but ready for  them to be out and more continuously monitored to be sure they remain stable. Luckily I have made peace with them coming early and I am hopeful that 2 rounds of steroids will help to put them in a good place respiratorily (is that a word?) so for today we will continue to watch and wait! Thanks ladies for letting me hang out here and let out what i am feeling! 

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Re: back to labor and delivery

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    I'm sorry you're going through this!  I hope you get some answers soon.  The steroids will definitely help if your babies need to come in the next couple of days.

    Good luck!  Let us know if you have any other questions.

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    Just lurking here... good luck to you.  I'll be thinking of you and the babies!
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    Good luck.  I hope the babies can cook a bit longer.
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    Tons of T&P your way!
    Born at 31w3d due to severe IUGR & Placental Insufficiency--2lbs 3ounces

    We'll miss you sweet Debbie Girl (4.21.12) and sweet Cindy Girl (8.9.12)
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