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dry, peeling, scaly, itchy, and painful nipples

I am 36 weeks this Friday and I have been having this problem with my nipples since about 25 weeks into the pregnancy. I am also diabetic not gestational just diabetic. I have been doing Nystatin since about August and lansinoh lanolin and Im still have the issues. Yesterday I actually had a piece of my areola come off with the dry scaly skin. Does any one have suggestions. I will be going to the doctor tomorrow and once again I will be talking to them about my Breasts. I will give updates.

Re: dry, peeling, scaly, itchy, and painful nipples

  • I had that problem a couple of weeks ago and Aquaphor quickly cured the issue!  (I agree with PP, but I didn't have any colostrum discharge so this was a nice alternative.)  I used Lansinoh when BFing DD and was not impressed.  The Medela Lanolin worked so much better for me, and was easier to rub on.  The Lansinoh is so thick you had to press on your already tender areas to spread it-ugh!

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  • My first thought was that you may have thrush.  Yeast infections are VERY common during pregnancy and often undiagnosed (I'm battling it as we speak I am asymptomatic but have high yeast counts every time I go to the midwife....) and you do have time to clear it up before you deliver.  Go to your doctor ASAP and get a good prescription.  Over the counter might work, but since you're so close I'd go for the heavy duty stuff.


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  • Well the doctors are now deciding what dermatologist to send me to. I will be a full time breastfeeder for the first 6 weeks so now that I am working on getting to the deadline of my son getting here they are scrambling to get my breasts right. Now Im at the stage they are down right painful and I itch all over the breast. Nystatin has not worked for a while, lanolin soothes some.
  • **UPDATE**

    I have gone to the dermatologist and the final thing was Eczema and they provided some medicine that should clear it up by the end of the week. The use aquaphor healing ointment along with.

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