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Prayers Needed

I need to give you a little background first to explain - two years ago (August 4th) 5 weeks before my wedding - my bil shot himself in the chest in his parents home.  His brother (my other bil) Kev found him just minutes after he died.  It's been two years of hell with my DH and bil with the guilt, nightmares, etc...  Bil finally sought some help through therapy and medication and had just started on a really good path. 

Fast forward to Saturday night.  I was at the In-laws and bil just got home from hunting at our cabin up north (DH was hunting out of town too).  We hung out and I left to go home - he left to go to our other cabin outside of town where's he's been living with a friend.  Well, sometime late Friday night - that friend hung himself and Kev found him Saturday night when he got home.  My heart is breaking for him because this is two times in two years that this has happened to him.  He's 23 years old and just starting out - nobody should have to go through this.

Please say a prayer for Doug - may he rest in peace and for Kevin - may he find peace and be able to more forward. 

 Thank you ladies!!!

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