Baptizing a preemie during RSV season...WHAT DO I DO?

My daughter was born at 27w6d on 7/2711 and she just came home from the NICU on 10/06/11.  Our family is asking when we are getting her baptized and I really want to but I'm hesitant bringing her out and having her around people.



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Re: Baptizing a preemie during RSV season...WHAT DO I DO?

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    I would be hesitant as well. I'm not sure whether your church will do this but is there any way she can be baptized in a private service, either in your home or even at church before or after regular services?

    Either way, I would definitely skip any type of party where there will be lots of people.  

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    I agree - I would be hesitant to have a party or have DD at a church.  I still havnt taken DD to church yet - we had her baptized in the NICU (just in case) but plan on having her baptism the morning of her First Birthday party in march.  We are combining the two celebrations because DH's family will be here from across the county for her birthday - we will have a small private baptism (our church will do this - not many will) on saturday morning and her big party at our house that afternoon.
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    Our girls were baptized in Oct. Three months after coming home. We explained the situation to our priest and he did a private ceremony. We just invited our immediate family and had them back to our house for a small party after.
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    I think we are just going to wait until the spring. It's one of the things that bums me out about stupid RSV season!
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    We are doing a small private baptism and just going to a non-busy restaurant with immediate family afterwards. 

    I don't see the harm in waiting.  God understands preemies :o)

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    We have held off. Our church does them in batches and the next one is in December. I'd really like to have it done, but again holding off til spring. I can't bring him into that crowd and have double-dipped water sprinkled on his head. He didn't qualify for RSV and that's one thing we can wait on.
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    We baptized within a couple days of them coming home because we were moving and I wanted them baptized by our church "family" and not a new place.

    We talked with the pastor about it - they made an announcement that while we are all very happy to meet the babies and welcome them into the family, to please not touch or get very close to the babies as they are very susceptible to illness. We sat in the front, they stayed in their carseats the whole time unless we were holding them, and we left shortly after. Everyone was very respectful of our wishes and it went much better than I thought it would.

    I second the idea of a small family ceremony maybe before or after a church service instead? Or our church actually said they'd do it a different day of the week so that it'd be more sterile.

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    We had our 26 weeker Baptised in a private ceremony at my mom's house. Only people present were the grandparents and the Godparents.


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