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Maternity clothes?

I wasn't sure where to post this so hope its ok that I'm posting here. I'm a first timer and only 5 weeks along so far, but I'm wondering where you all recommend shopping for maternity clothes. I don't have a whole lot of money to spend but I should probably get some essentials: jeans, bella band, couple tops, leggings....anything else you can recommend?


Re: Maternity clothes?

  • I would hold off on buying anything more than the bella band until you really start needing them.  I didn't really have to start wearing maternity clothing until month 7ish.  I was really lucky but it meant I had a lot of summer maternity clothing that didn't fit and I wasted money on.  But I really liked the Gap Maternity section, especially if I could catch the sales.

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  • Most of my clothes were from the Gap and Old Navy (great online selection). But I'd only buy the stuff on sale. I'd try to stack multiple discounts. Also, I recently noticed the Forever 21 has maternity as well.
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  • I would hold off on buying maternity clothes.  I'm 5 months now and can still fit into my normal clothes.  also a lot of clothes they sell today have no waists and are really blousy (check out Anthropologie, i just bought sweaters from there).  the only maternity thing i bought so far was a belly band. 
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  • I just hit the 9 month mark! I've purchased most of my clothes at Old Navy/ I've gotten a few pieces at JC Penney (I love their lace camis) and I've gotten a few dresses at Kohls for summer. I too would hold off buying too much. It's kinda a waste to buy a huge waredrobe. I didn't really ever use the bella band...but know there are ladies that love them. You never know how you're going to carry. At 9 months I still have 2 pairs of pre-pregnancy low cut jeans I wear on a weekly basis. And I also have pull on dress pants from pre-pregnancy that have worked for dressy occassions this entire time.

    I reccommend plain pieces you can layer. And flowy dresses in the summer.  

  • I had to start wearing maternity pants at about 4 months..everyone is different.  I am glad I got a bella band early because one day I just needed it! 
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  • oh!!!!! and I have gotten ALL...yes ALL of my maternity pants (4 pairs of work slacks and 4 pairs of jeans) ALL at ROSS for around $12 each!!!!!!!!!
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  • If you don't want to spend a lot of money I suggest checking your local Craigslist.  My local list always has a lot of listings for maternity clothes in the small to extra large range.  I often see whole maternity wardrobes for sale for $100-200 (we're talking 12-20+ items of clothing). 

    My local CL was a bust for plus size clothing.  They hardly ever get listed and when it does it goes super fast.  EBay has been my savior.  I've bought large lots at great prices.  One lot was 16 pieces for $90, another was 10 dress shirts for $85.  (those prices included shipping).  I've also won individual shirts for as little as $4.

    If you decide to go with CL or eBay I suggest trying on clothes at stores first so you know how different brands fit and what size you wear in each brand.  I know that Liz Lange for Target doesn't fit so I make sure not to bid on them.  Motherhood tops in 2XL or 3XL fit, but their pants in those sizes are way to big.

    Start with basics and then work from there.  A couple pairs of pants, a few solid color tops, a cardigan sweater, and a couple of camis.  Accessories are your friend.  Ear rings, necklaces, scarves, hair accessories and the like always fit regardless of how big your belly gets and you can change the look of an outfit based on the formality of the accessories.

  • I was able to buy some stretchy regular sized knit skirts, skirts with elastic bands and yoga pants that lasted my entire pregnancy. You may have some of those items in your closet.  Also I had a few empire waist dresses that fit well into my third trimester.

    Ross and old navy are good places to shop for inexpensive maternity clothes.

  • I ended up buying most of my clothes at Motherhood Maternity even though I wasnt really a fan of the store due to the poor quality.  I had a hard time finding anything at other stores such as Target, Kohls, and GAP.

    I started wearing maternity clothes about 85% of the time around 10-12 weeks.  HOWEVER, by 30-32 weeks I had outgrown ALL of my maternity pants (some tops too) and went and bought one pair of jeans a size larger.  So now I have one pair of pants and only a few shirts that still cover my bump.

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  • I got some basics like jeans, long sleeved tees, etc. for almost free from JCPenney.  They are always sending me the $10 off and $15 off coupons.  Paired with sales, I've gotten shirts there for $2.99 and $4.99.
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  • If you're a shopper like me just keep your eye out and maybe you can find some deals even if you don't need the clothes right away.  I got some really cheap items at JC Penney's and Ross.  If you wait until you need maternity clothes then you'll be forced to buy what you need even if it's not a good price.
  • I really liked the quality of Motherhood, it is pricey but if you look online you can get pieces on sale.  Also check Baby Depot online, I bought some capris on there very cheap that I loved but I did not like their shirts, they were too short.  I do remember trying on maternity shirts that I ordered in the beginning of my pregnancy thinking there was no way they would ever fit me and by the end I was glad to have them.

    I bought most of my stuff online for the selection.




  • I will be honest - I started wearing maternity clothes around 25 weeks...and I was due in August, so I had a lot of warm-weather clothing.  I bought from Kohls, WalMart, Old Navy and Target.  I didn't get anything fancy, because I didn't need it for my job.

  • Definitely hold off on buying maternity clothes until you actually need them. You don't know what kind of size you'll be when you really pop, and you could end up wasting money on clothes that are too big or too small.

    I got away with alot of non-maternity clothes until well into my 2nd trimester.  I lived off of a pair of jeans that were a size too big pre-pregnancy and blouse-y shirts. Kohl's clearance rack was a life-saver for my budget, and where I found alot of the empire-waisted and flow-y shirts. The only issue was that once I got into my 3rd trimester, the non-maternity shirts were just too short, even tho alot of them fit around my belly. 

    Now that I have to wear maternity clothes, Old Navy and Gap are my favorites. I watch them closely to find good sales, and clearance items, and they seems to have a decent return policy. I also like that alot of the items have reviews so you can have some insight to what you're buying online.

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  • image Xles10:
    Most of my clothes were from the Gap and Old Navy (great online selection). But I'd only buy the stuff on sale. I'd try to stack multiple discounts.

    This. Get on their mailing list and use your Gap/Banana/Old Navy card to get rewards and extra coupons. I never bought anything full price.

    As far as the types of clothes I bought (and I work in a professional office, but the dress is generally business casual). Also - when I was earlier in my pregnancy it was summer and I was able to wear a lot of my regular summer dresses and elastic waistband skirts.

    2 pairs dress pants (black and gray)

    2 pairs of jeans (boot cut and skinny)

    black leggings

    tons of Old Navy tank tops in all sorts of colors

    2 short sleeved dresses

    3 cardigans

    3 sweaters

    2 long sleeved v-neck t-shirts 

    2 tunics

    1 dressy short sleeved top 

    2 short sleeved t-shirts 

    1 zip up hoodie and 1 wrap-style mid-weight jacket 

    I'm still in my "regular" yoga pants and lounge pants.

    I've been able to mix and match the cardigans and tanks, cardigans and dresses, as well as the v-neck tees and tanks to come up with a bunch of variations on my looks. I've also pretty much only worn 4 pairs of shoes: pewter dress shoes with a low heel, black short heeled boots, black flat knee high boots and sneakers. I've also used scarves and jewelry to make things pop.

    Obviously, I didn't buy everything at once, but I found I needed the pants first and then the tanks. I wear a tank under everything to keep any shirt from inadvertently exposing skin! 


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  • Definitely wait until you actually need them.

    I needed maternity pants around 10 weeks. My regular shirts lasted a good while, but eventually I had to buy maternity shirts too.

    I was really bloated at the beginning of my pregnancy, but I made it through the summer with drawstring capris and smocked waist skirts. Once the weather started to turn, I just bit the bullet and headed to the store.

    I got pregnant in early July and had DS in mid March, so my wardrobe was the opposite season of what you'll need. But for reference... I had 2 pairs of maternity jeans, 3 pairs of cargo pants, about 10 shirts and 1 lightweight sweater. That's it.

    My actual maternity clothes came from Motherhood. The stuff I got was actually good quality. I didn't have any issues with the clothes. I got some bum-around-the-house stuff (yoga pants, mens t-shirts, etc) from Old Navy. We're one and done, so I donated my entire maternity wardrobe to Salvation Army.

    You might want to check the thrift stores. There's a lot of women that are one and done or just like to buy a new wardrobe with each pregnancy (especially if they kids are opposite seasons), so there's a lot of barely used clothes to be had there.

  •  Definitely Gap and Old Navy, on sale. They both have regular sales and coupons.

    I didn't start showing until I was 5-6 months.Most of the tops I wear are from H&M and they are not maternity,I just sized up.

    I bought a few pants along the way, 2 from the Gap, 1 pair of jeans from Destination maternity in dark wash,so they're really versatile.

    Up until last week, I wore regular leggings, but I just got a maternity one from Old Navy on sale, for about $7.

    In general, full panel pants are better for me,because they are vey comfy, and don't ride up.

  • I found great clothes on my local craigslist.  One lady sold me a huge bag of my size maternity clothes for $25.  Everything fit and it's 3/4 of the stuff I wear now.  Just search maternity from the search bar on the mainpage for your city.  Also, I got great deals at yard sales by again, going to craigslist and then searching maternity under the garage sales section. 

    If you're going the craigslist route, I'd start looking now.  It may take a while to find a good deal in your size.  Most things (pants included) are just S, M, L, etc.  So just get your pre-preg size.  But I wouldn't buy new things now.  I'd use the target belly band.  Also, when you are ready, I MUCH perfer full panel over the demi or half panel.  You'll appreciate it when you're bigger :)

     Good luck!

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  • I picked up black and white Bella bands around 9 or 10 weeks. I started needing to use them regularly around 13-14 weeks.

    From weeks 14 to 19, I did great with Bella bands and just one pair of maternity jeans. The jeans were a necessity because I just didn't feel comfortable with my jeans unbuttoned--felt like the band didn't keep them up as well as dress pants. 

    Between weeks 19 and 20 is when I had to switch over to all maternity pants and some tops. 

    Essentials to pick up before 18 weeks for me would have been: Bella bands, longer shirts, black/brown dress pants, one pair jeans. 

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  • I have looked everywhere.  The ONLY place I have found that I am happy with is Gap.  But, again, everyone is different!  I also agree to never pay full price.  Although Gap jeans retail for about 70 bucks, I never pay more than 35-40 bucks for them.
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  • Ok I have a stupid question--what's a bella band?
  • image Mary22:
    Ok I have a stupid question--what's a bella band?

    It's a stretchy tube of fabric that you wear over your unbuttoned non-maternity pants so they stay up.  It's also great for those shirts that are a little too short.  It makes it look like you're wearing a sung fitting cami under your shirt so you're not exposing yourself to the world. 

    They also help full panel maternity pants stay up.  I finally got fed up with hiking my pants up all the time and broke down and bought a black and a white band two weeks ago.  My maternity pants are finally staying up!  I should have bought them sooner than 30 weeks!

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