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Can I please have your opinion?

So I will warn you that this is long...

My LO was in a helmet for two months.  At six months he graduated and didnt have to wear it anymore.  He was in the helmet for torticollis and plagiecephaly.  During the time in the helmet he was in PT and currently still is in PT for mild delays for being premature. 

Fast forward to his 9 month appt and his pedi said to go get him scanned again because it felt misshaped again.  We went today and of course he needs a new helmet.  The only thing the doctor can think of that is causing this is when he is sleeping, he always lays on  his right side.  He is crawling, sitting up, and never lays on his back.  We have an appt with the pedi on Thursday as I need to make a descision on Thursday if we are doing the helmet again.  So would you...

A.  Get the helmet, pay out of pocket for it, go through the process all over again?

B.  Go to PT and try to get him to sleep/roll to his left side more because even if I do put him back in the helmet, if he continues to roll onto his right side all the time to sleep it will go back to being flat.

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