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Emotional eating

The first two weeks after Sylvie died I could barely eat.  My husband had to almost force me to eat.  Finally after her service I started to get back my appetite and I swear since then I haven't been able to stop eating sweets.  With the exception of today I haven't eaten too much "regular food", which typically is healthy, but have been going to town on sweets.  I made peanut butter blossom cookies yesterday and I think I've eaten about a dozen so far today.  I had to get into bed so I wouldn't eat any more!

It just feels like another part of my life that is out of control.  The only part of my life that seems to be in control is exercising.  I've been exercising almost every day for the past two weeks and with all this exercising the scale hasn't budged.  :(  Tonight during pilates class I almost burst into tears because I'm not as physically strong as I used to be pre-pregnancy.  

Maybe it is PMS. Or just parts of my life spiraling out of control.  


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Re: Emotional eating

  • I joined Weight Watchers the week before Adam died.  Then when he died, I too could not really eat for a couple weeks.  When I did eat, it was crap.  Then, I just started eating everything and couldn't stop.  I tried to go back on Weight Watchers after several weeks of that, but I couldn't stay committed.  It's really hard to maintain any kind of nomalcy or new anything (like a diet, in my case) when dealing with this horrible grief.  Many hugs to you.  You certainly aren't alone.
  • Your story sounds just like me!  I am exercising regularly but because I just can't stop comfort munching the scale will not budge.  I am also literally almost in tears several times a week because of this and I just don't know what to do anymore.  I need to lose 20 lbs to get to my PP weight and haven't been able to lose a single pound in over 2 months.  It is so extremely frustrating.  I'm sorry I don't have any advice, but I would love to hear some if ppl do have some.
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  • Wow, this seriously was me.  I was GAINING weight because I was eating so much JUNK! After Kyndal died, that's all I wanted, so i baked, and I ate, and I baked, and I ate some more.  I gained 6 lbs in about 3 weeks.  I was stress eating.  It made me feel better to constantly eat!  I MADE myself refocus that to dieting and exercising.  I have never been the type to work out, but I have been making myself and I have been eating a lot better.  I haven't had a sweet in over 2 weeks, and I am bound and determined to not.  It's actually making me feel better to eat good and work out.  I'm logging my food.  I don't know if that helps anyone, but I had to do this, I can't stand the feeling of being over weight, and I want to get back down before I get pregnant again. 


  • (((hugs))

    I was like this the first month or so after Adria died-I wanted to eat,constantly,specifically go out to eat-it felt like an escape,from our house where I wish there had been 3 of us instead of just the two of us.We spent so much money in that first month on eating out,and eventually take out when I was more comfortable being home.

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  • I've been doing this after my m/c Embarrassed  Today I had an irritating visit with my new MFM about my history and I went straight for the T-day leftovers when I got home and followed it with Chipotle for dinner. *oink oink* 

    I am confirming my WW sign-up in the morning. I need to get back on track!

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  • I totally feel the same. I, however, need to lose some weight as I'm overweight, not sure if it's like that for you. I was never very physically active either really. :( My doctor wanted me to just walk for 6 weeks, then I can join Curves, or whatever.

    I definitely feel like just baking and eating whatever the hell I want. Adjusting to post-pregnancy eating and drinking was a shock in itself for me, especially with twins. Though I was overweight, I had ketones and needed to gain gain GAIN! It was crazy.

    We joined Weight Watchers two weeks after, more for DH though as he had gained weight while I was preggo, too, and we did it before and he was successful. I really don't care, but it is making me more aware and DH lost 4 lbs. and I was up .2 which wasn't bad I think! :P I'm supporting him and I think in time I'll care more and maybe lose weight! :)

    I don't have too much advice, but maybe tracking your food will help you have some semblance of control. It's great you at least are active and have that under control! Good luck! *hugs* 

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  • I've struggled off & on with emotional eating too...I did lose all my pregnancy weight within about five months because I was so motivated to get pregnant again. However, I should lose at least 20 lbs on top of that and I have not. I am loosely doing weight watchers but it is such a hard time of year...besides Christmas etc I've also got my son's birthday and death anniversary coming up and fatty carbs just make it feel better for some reason. Blehh.

    The one thing that is really motivating for me is that I notice a very strong connection between my eating/exercise habits and mood. Days that I eat junk or don't exercise I am MUCH more likely to fall into funk/depressive mood/hopeless feelings etc late in the day. I have noticed that if I am really good with healthy eating, exercise, vitamins and enough sleep it is much easier emotionally to get through the day. Though the eating feelings helps in the very short term, being healthy makes me feel better in the longer term, if that makes sense. I just have to try to remember that when temptation strikes. 

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  • I was emotionally not eating. I didn't care. Then we decided to start ttc in a couple of months. So I decided to eat healthier so I could wouldn't care about my weight while pregnant. Part of me felt that I caused my cord to fail because I hadn't gained a lot of weight because I'm heavy.
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