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seriously...it must only cost them like $2 in ingredients to make it lol...sorry, just a rant because we are trying to save money, and MAMA WANTS SHRIMP FRIED RICE REAL BAD ;)


  • Where do you get it? A small container of shrimp fried rice is like $5. Unless you get it from PF Changs or something, then it's like $15.
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  • yeah here it's just a bit more expensive in like the $6.50 range. so, it's not incredibly bad, but we're just trying to save a lot and it's more expensive than making our own dinner. although...maybe i could get two dinners out of it, and then the price wouldn't seem as bad at all lol...
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  • Oh man, I really want chinese now! Everytime we get Chinese we spend $30 for the two of us, I hate it! I can only justify buying it at lunch, because it's cheaper and comes with pork fried rice and an egg roll. 
  • I feel bad for you guys! We have a Chinese restaurant on every corner, and you can get an order of cashew chicken with rice and an eggroll for $3.99 anytime of day! It used to be one of my main food groups, but I've now developed an aversion to it! Boo.
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  • I truly do NOT wanna talk about Chinese food right because it's one of my aversions, ugh. That saddens me, it's one of my favorite cuisines (when not pregnant).

    But, Chinese food here is sooo cheap? It's like $6 (which isn't that much more than a meal at McDonalds!) but I get 2 days of food from it, the portions are so huge.  I usually get a bigggg container of chicken and broccoli and an egg roll for that rice.

    I hate this aversion.

    But you're right, when saving $$ anything is more expensive than cooking.  But, I think Chinese is one of the cheaper options for the portions you get.

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  • yeah true. the portions are pretty big, so i can usually get 2 meals out of it, so that makes it better money-wise. sorry some of you are having aversions to it right now! sad!!! :( 

    and ashlea! you are so lucky! that would be amazing!!! :D

  • I just had a YUMMY chinese dinner for $5.34. It was amazing and hit the spot, and that's pretty cheap to me! Cheaper than a combo meal at micky d's.
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  • Now I want chinese food! lol I just had pizza but chinese sounds better! 

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  • Mmmm I would love some Chinese food right now...
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  • Where do you buy your chinese food??? DH and I can order two huge dinners with soup and egg rolls, have it delivered, and tip all for about $20. 

    I suggest finding a nice little hole in the wall place.  Best, freshest food and super cheap. 

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