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Thyroid Questions

Just wondering if anyone here has issues with thyroid and what levels your OB/RE wants your TSH to fall between.

We have our first RE consult this week and I know I want to talk about my thyroid levels.  As tested in July 2011, my TSH was 3.04 which I guess is right on the cut off of what is considered problematic.  My T3 and T4 levels were also tested and I don't remember their exact values, but they were also on the cusp of being hypothyroid.

Any information you can give me, or ideas for questions I need to ask my RE are great appreciated.


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Re: Thyroid Questions

  • My RE likes to see the TSH below 2.5...I hope this helps :)

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  • The "normal" range can vary quite a bit by clinic, and some go all the way up to 4.5.  My doctor likes to see levels below 2.5, and I feel my best with my levels below 2.
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  • My RE likes to see levels below 2.  I've always bordered on being hyperthyroid with low levels and have to had a goiter drained before.  Through my first pregnancy my thyroid stayed where they wanted it, still low, but as soon as I got pregnant this time the levels jumped way up to 3.48.  I was put on synthroid and I was where they wanted in me in a few weeks.
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