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Hello and a question

Hi everyone,

I am new to this board, after a mc (1st pregnancy after over a year of trying) in August.  My period just returned this month, with cd 1 on 11/3.  I have (or had?) 35 day cycles and ovulated on 11/23, so I am really hoping that we may have gotten lucky. 
I have had minor cramping the last day or so, and noticed brown spotting mixed with creamy cm today.  I am only 5 dpo, so could implantation even be possible this early?

I am so scared to get my hopes up, so thank you in advance for any information you can provide!

Re: Hello and a question

  • Hi and welcome! I'm no expert on implantation, but good luck to you!
  • Thank you!  It seems early, so I know I should just not think about it and wait a week or so before the obsessing begins. But instead I am googling like crazy and am in full blown excitement.


    Anyway, thank you and I am glad to be here.

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  • Welcome!

    5dpo is a bit early for implantation but I've heard it can happen.  Hope this is it for you!  Unfortunately you won't know until you know.  

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