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Tell me what you think, good ones, bad ones, features, types...etc. Tell me I'm crazy for even thinking about one.  If you have a used one to sell, go ahead and tell me that too :-)  TIA!

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  • We went with the Imaginarium one that comes with everything (table, trains, tracks, etc.) for around $150.00 from Toys R Us.  We also purchased several Thomas engines separately over time as gifts/treats/rewards.  DD#1 was really into Thomas, so it was important that we have a Tidmouth shed and Creaky Cranky equivalent, but she didn't seem to notice or care that they weren't the Thomas specific ones.  Now, almost 2 years later, it still gets played with on a daily basis - totally worth every penny!   
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  • We opted for an activity table from land of nod instead of a train specific table. Bailey colors on it, plays with legos, his trains etc on the table. And we can buy medium and tall legs for it so one day it will become his desk.


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  • We have one of the activity tables from PBK with the rolling carts underneath, and then I bought a Thomas playboard to go on top and provide a "scene" to play on as well as protect the tabletop....LOVE it, but I was able to get it for $80 at the outlet store, vs. approx $300 retail.  The carts are huge and one of them holds ALL of our tons of tracks, trains and most of the "destination" buildings. 

    We also have the Land of Nod activity table that Wendy mentioned (I guess it's the same one, ours also has the ability to put longer legs on it), and I also love that now for Lego building.  We moved it into Jack's room so that the lego's can be contained away from the baby.  I will say that the LON table is not big enough for all the different layouts that my boys like to put together with DH.  And neither is the PBK table, we actually have a huge wooden fire station on top of the table now, and they play trains on a huge "road rug" that I got at Target.  Such a cute and durable rug, and it's the perfect size for their huge layouts.  The tables were just too confining....but like I said, we get tons of use out of both tables anyway. 

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  • I love our train table because Ethan plays with it every single day.  We have gotten so much use out of it and all of the accessories.  I think we have a Brio but I am not sure because I got it cheap and busted up at a consignment sale.  We fixed it and painted it.  I would not even have attempted if I hadn't seen Ra do it so well before when she posted hers.  A feature that I wish ours had was storage underneath.  It doesn't have anything so I have baskets under with the extra tracks.  Also, we have the same problems with running out of room with ours.  Right now Ethan has been building track all around his and underneath it too in addition to what he has on top.  In the begining we had it in the living room but we made space for it in his room when we moved his baby furniture out and turned it into a big boy room.  I love having it all containted in there.
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  • We had a Kidkraft one that we sold last year.  Benjamin had stopped playing with trains and we were running out of room and not even contemplating renovating our basement - which we did a few months later.  Needless to say, I'm so bummed that we sold it because Noah is obsessed with trains and B likes them again too and now we have space for one again.  Loved the Kidkraft one we had.  Had 2 huge storage drawers.  We got it at Costco.  I've been hunting Craigslist for another one though.  It's definitely worth it and I can't tell you how much I'm kicking myself for selling it too soon.
  • We are not selling our train table or the bin but we are selling all of the trains, tracks etc... We have a lot of stuff, there are two different types of tracks.
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