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Inspire me...

To get off the couch, do some exercise and fold some laundry - please?


Re: Inspire me...

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    I am no help.  I just had pumpkin pie as a second breakfast and I'm wrapped up in a blanket on the couch with the fireplace going!  lol
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    If you fold some laundry I will allow you to sit on the couch and eat some left over pie.
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    Yeah... I am no help either. DS and "other son" (friend's little man that I babysit) are currently watching Mickey Mouse Clubhouse, so I am relaxing for a bit. The only time I can really get anything done around here is during nap time or after DS is in bed.

    For example, I attempted to finish decorating for Christmas while the boys were playing this morning. I turrn around from working on the fireplace and DS is head first into a plastic tub full of ornaments. Whoops! All of the tubs are now up on the kitchen table and will have to wait until bedtime.

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    You just made me remember, I'm going to the gym again. Started week before last, last day I went was last Tuesday and I'm really due to go. So on that note, exercise doesn't last long depending on what you do, you'll feel better afterwards, you'll sleep better, your muscles will get more used to the activity = less cramps. This is what I tell myself in times of non-motivation.
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