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Pregnant and new to the NAS Pensacola area

My husband and I just PCS'd to Pensacola,FL he's a Marine flight student.  Were living closer to Whiting Filed since his training will be split between the two bases (longer at Whiting) and we didn't want to move again since were expecting. If anyone is familiar with the area/ hospital do you have any suggestions for the Navy Hospital vs. Scarred Heart. Im going this week to visit the Navy Hospital and thats where I was planning to go during my pregnancy. My other question is does anyone know of prenatal yoga in this area? Thanks!  

Re: Pregnant and new to the NAS Pensacola area

  • HI there,

    We were stationed there for flight school as well. This was back in 06, 07. We absolutely LOVED it there. We will be going back somehow. I had my second son there and I had him at sacred heart and I could NOT say enough good things about them. I got pre-eclampsia for the 2nd time and this time was pretty severe. They induced be at barely 35 weeks and I'm so thankful I was there.

    I had not heard fantastic things about the Navy hospital and thier bed side manners so I decided to switch to standard and see on off base provider.

    THis is the doctor I went to. I believe there are 4 doctors in this practice and I loved them ALL. The doctor who ended up delivering me was amazing.

    Sacred Heart Medical Group - OB/GYN
    5153 N. 9th Ave., Suite 205
    Pensacola, FL 32504

    Enjoy your time there. Like I said, it's been our absolute favorite thus far and we've been in for 14 years now.

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  • Thank you SO much!! I have an appointment tomorrow at the Navy hospital just to check it out. I will be sure to check out Sacared Heart. Do you remember if you ended up paying a lot out of pocket when you switched to standard? I've only been prime.This is my first pregnancy and I want it to be a really great experience. I've gone through base hospitals before and I've had mixed experiences. Pensacola is also the first place we've been stationed since TBS and so far were really enjoying the area.

    Thank you again so much- and I'll let you know how the visit goes at the Navy hospital and I'll try to setup a visit this week at Sacared Heart.


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  • I believe maternity care and delivery are completely covered with standard as well. I don't remember paying anything with it. I just remember paying once I had my son and was taking him to the pediatrician.

    I'll be honest. Standard can be a pain in the a*s if you don't understand it and expect the co-pays and the cap. That being said, it was totally worth it to deliver at sacred heart and have the expierence that I did. We eventually switched back (I think you have to wait a year).

    Enjoy the blue angels while you are there. We lived on base and had a personal air show several times a week. I loved it!!!! We also Loved Pensacola Beach and all the restaraunts down there. Especially Crabs!!! We would also cross into Alabama and go shopping at the Foley outlets. Always got great deals there.  

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  • I did all of my OB care at PNH and delivered there. It was the most amazing experience! I highly reccomend it. If you're in Family Practice for your OB care and on Gold Team, check out Lt. Poissant. He was honestly the best doctor I have ever had. I wish I could have brought him with us when we moved! Good luck and a happy and healthy nine months :)
  • Well my first OB appointment (through the Navy Hospital) was supposed to be Dec 16th but Ive been having some pains in my lower stomach- so Im going in this afternoon. I have a tour setup to visit Scared Heart next week. I figure this should give me enough time to see how I like the Navy Hospital and be able to tour Scared Heart. I was at the Navy Hospital ER on Sunday night and I didn't have a good experience at all. As of now I am leaning more towards Scared Heart unless I have a better experience when I go into the Navy Hospital today. Im on the blue team and believe my DR is Kevin Bernstine.Im also hoping that the baby is doing ok, since I've been in some discomfort. Since it's my first pregnancy it might just be normal growing pains- and changes that Im not used to. I think what is worrying me the most is that Im 9weeks and I still haven't been in to see an OB. I've had routine blood work done by the lab but thats it.

     I haven't had a the chance to go over to Foley yet, but I think I might try and go this week to finish up holiday shopping! I heard they have great deals!! Well have to try Crabs. 


    Thanks! I'll keep you posted on what I decide.  

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