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Good thing we got so many clothes, she is growing like crazy!

She outgrew NB around 3 weeks, now at 6 weeks 0-3 is way too small. Like her mama, this girl has big feet, she actuallybusted through the seams on the feet of her footed PJs last night. No wonder the poor girl was crying, that must be a painful growth spurt! At her last appt., Pedi said she was 80th percentile for height and 50th for weight so I never thought she'd need 3-6 month clothes at 6 weeks! What do 99th percentile babies wear?
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Re: Good thing we got so many clothes, she is growing like crazy!

  • My 97th % wears 18 months now.
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  • DS is 90% for height and 62% weight at 7 months. Right now he is moving into 18 month clothes.
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  • Holy Jeez, she's growing like a weed! 

    No idea what the 99th percentile wears, back in the 17th percentile with my LO (he's comfortably in 0-3's at 8 weeks & ~10 lbs)

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  • 50% for weight and 95th for height, K is almost 8 months ans wears 6-9 months shirts. Pants and jammies have to be 9 months + for length.
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  • I feel like I could be writing this post. Q was out of her newborn clothes around 2 weeks and is too big for a lot of her newborn diapers. She wore maybe 15 of her 50+ newborn outfits. Thank goodness we got almost everything used. She's already 9 pounds at 3 weeks and gaining like crazy! 
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    Please, please, please. 
  • My DS is 97% for height and 85 for weight and he is now in 6M clothes since 6wks. The clothes are a little loose, but he has enough room for his legs to stretch into.
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  • I'm amazed how quickly DS is growing too.  It's a little sad every time he grows out of some of his clothes.  He probably should have been out of the last NB before 5 weeks, but I kept putting them on him until then.  Embarrassed
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    bfp #3 - 8.3.08, edd 4.15.09, mm/c 9.17.08 (10w)
    bfp #4 - 1.15.09, edd 9.26.09, mm/c 2.16.09 (8w2d)
    bfp #5 - 6.16.09, edd 2.25.10, mm/c 7.23.09 (9w)
    bfp #6 - 8.12.10, edd 4.27.11, mm/c 9.16.10 (8w1d)
    one more try -> bfp #7 - 2.11, our miracle baby boy arrived 10.11
    ttc again -> bfp #8 - 5.3.13, edd 1.13.14, mm/c 5.30.13 (7w3d)
    bfp #9 - 9.23.13, our miracle baby girl arrived 5.29.14

  • DD is 97th for height & 75th for weight- in 9month suits and moving into 12 month any day now. She's 5mos on Friday. My family makes beasts for babies- I was 10lb10oz (2 sisters: 10lb even & 9lb14oz) and dd was 9lb10oz. My dad weighed 32lbs on his 1st birthday.
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  • Wow!  Poor little W...growth spurts are tough.  But it's nice to have an excuse to buy/rotate outfits!

    Our 4-monther is just now growing out of her bigger 0-3s.  I bought a bunch of adorable 6m clothes for the holidays...but I hope she'll be big enough to wear them!  Tongue Tied

     Too funny about the feet.  I hope W feels more comfortable & less gowth spurty soon!

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