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DS loves being held, hates being worn?

I have an Ergo (hates it), a Bjorn-type carrier (hates facing inward, will tolerate facing outward for short periods until his neck gets tired), and a moby (hug hold). I've tried all of them several times but he just screams until I take him out and just hold him. Very frustrating! Do some babies just never acclimate? Does anyone have any suggestions? He's 9 weeks and nearly 15 lbs.
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Re: DS loves being held, hates being worn?

  • I would say just keep at it (a little bit of time everyday) and keep following your baby's cues. DS went through a couple of phases where he only wanted to face out, so I would just carry him that way and not wear him, and that was only at home (not much stimulation). I would just wear him when I knew he would nap, and when he was little (and older), we had to be moving a lot (bouncing on the exercise ball, etc). I just kept trying everyday and following his cues. Maybe you can hold him until he sleeps (with your Moby already tied) and then try to pop him in after he's sleeping so you can do stuff. Also he may be a baby that will do better on your back (with a woven wrap... which means another carrier! ;), or with the Ergo.. but I don't know when you can do back carries with the Ergo). DS really liked being on my back in my woven wrap, and I started when he was around 2 months (but it took us a little while to learn, so he wasn't happy there until I was comfortable with getting him up there and tied securely). 

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