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Stroller woes :S

DD will not ride in her stroller. We took her to a fund raiser for Children's Hospital last week and she screamed bloody murder in her stroller. She was fine if someone carried her, but put her in the stroller for even a second and it was all heck to pay. I have no idea how to get her to be better about riding in the stroller. Is this a phase? Any suggestions? I have thought about just taking her for casual walks in it from time to time to get her used to it. WDYT?

BTW she is very much in the seperation anxiety stage. Could this be our problem?

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Re: Stroller woes :S

  • Separation anxiety could definitely be your root cause, especially if she used to be ok with the stroller.  If she doesn't spend much time in the stroller I can see that contributing to her being unhappy, instead of feeling like a comfy place to hang out she's just feeling like "hey why did I get stuck here?".  I would definitely add in some walks around the neighborhood and if it would work for you consider getting a carrier like an Ergo so if she wants to be held all the time you can do it without killing your arms.
  • I would taking her on smaller walks and I would definitely get a wrap/infant carrier. 
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  • My son went through this on and off when he was 1. I think it could defintely be separation anxiety. I realized he did better when he could hold on to a special toy or lovie in the carriage. He also likes when he has a light snack or sippy with water available when we go for longer walks. And we have a little snap on mini steering wheel with music buttons on our stroller . So he can play with that to keep himself occupied. We just switch it off if we go into a store. Ours came with our stroller but I am guessing you could buy it separately.
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