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BC question, ladies!

Might be TMI, sorry...

Ok, I've never been on the pill before. I haven't had a period in almost 3 months... And, no, I am NOT pregnant, I promise! My hubby is deployed, and it's getting to the time when I need to start my pill before he gets back (we are less than 2 months away, I want to be used to taking it). Now, I'm usually irregular, but not this bad. Should I start it anyways?

Edit: To clarify, I was not given it because I was missing cycles. I am stationed overseas, and so I got the prescription before I left, (which was about 3 months ago, and everything was normal then) I didn't start them right away for whatever reason, and I haven't had a cycle since I left. I am avoiding a dr. visit, because I am not by my normal dr, and I hate going to new doctors...
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Re: BC question, ladies!

  • You need to go to the doctor.
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  • Yes, you need to go to the doctor.  Extremely long and irregular cycles can indicate reproductive health problems that can cause infertility.  Go.
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  • I agree.  Doctor.
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  • Ditto what all the other ladies have said. Go to the Dr. I see your LO is only 6 months so irregular periods can be normal, but if it was me I would rather have peace of mind from a medical professional.
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