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First Homecoming :)

Question for ladies who have been pregnant at the homecoming ceremonies -
Our first homecoming will be next month, so Im not sure what to expect, and being that I will be in my 9th month of pregnancy, I was wondering if anyone had any tips or pointers on what to wear, how to stay comfy during the wait time (our ceremony will be outside on the field), how to put my foot down to the in-laws to stay in the bleachers (dh wants them there so I cant not invite them, and its the FIL I have an issue with not the MIL) so I get to be the first & only one to go up to hubby first, etc. Any input is greatly appreciated!! :)

Re: First Homecoming :)

  • I don't but I just wanted to say I'm glad your husband will mostlikely be home for birth and yay for homecomings in general!!! I would flat out ask the in-laws to allow you to have your special moment.
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  • Yay for homecomings!  This is so exciting!  I would just try to distract them.  See if they will take a picture of you with him when they first are released.  Or if you can talk to your MIL about it and just be honest, maybe she can talk to your FIL.

    Good luck and hopefully he's home before Christmas!

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  • not the same situation for sure but. when my husband graduated basic training my inlaws went to Texas as well for it. Well both DH and I wanted me to be the first one to give him is 'tap out' hug for the ceremonies. and so I just politely told them that I had been waiting for this ONE hug FOREVER! they understood, after all we are the wives they are not! plus I asked if they would take pics for us, so they gladly did that! I think if you just talk to them and tell them, they will be understanding!
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