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Thankful Brag Day

Thought we could mix it up a bit and besides any brags we may have, we could also do a "Thankful Brag"
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Re: Thankful Brag Day

  • hmmm...brags....*taps chin*.....Nope. Got nothing...Oh wait, Nate took a couple of teeny tiny steps from my hold to get a ball with the therapist last week. He is sooooo wobbly. We are getting fitted for SMO's next week and both PT and I are excited to see how much they help.

    My Thankfuls:

    1. My In-Laws. They are wonderful. I cannot believe how lucky I got with both an awesome man for a husband and super in-laws to boot.

    2. I am thankful we found Maryland School for the Deaf. I always know where Nate stands and how far he has come because they are big on doing assesments. They also really care about him as a whole person and that is priceless to me.

    3. I am thankful we live where we do because we are close to so many specialists. I just need to figure out which ones to see!

    WAY 2 Cool 4 School

  • Keeping it short because I have to go!

    Brag: DS2 did awesome sitting in criss-cross applesauce today (I don't like that term but didn't want to potentially offend anyone using the term I grew up with !).

    Thankful: I am thankful that DS2's walker was finally delivered today. 

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  • I am thankful that DS started preschool with an amazing teacher this fall. We have also been blessed to be included in the treatment group of a play therapy research study, which provides us with a year of therapy/parent training at no cost. This has been huge financial help for us.

    To brag, DS has started saying I love you :)

  • I'm thankful for our SLP. This week she proposed a six-month experiment with a DIR/Floortime-trained psychologist in the area, where she will work with DD1 and me on Floortime/play therapy, and collaborate with our SLP as well -- for a fraction of her OOP rates. This woman is Floortime-certified and our SLP is working on certification, and they're using it as a way to work on collaboration and building a practice. I'm grateful for the opportunity to get another professional working with DD1 and me, and add some more therapy hours without a huge price tag. I think our SLP pulled some strings to set this up; I know she truly believes in DD1's potential, and it's so wonderful to work with someone who is going above & beyond to help a child & family. 

    Brag: DD1 loves Christmas music and we put some on this morning while DH and I have been cooking/prepping for Thanksgiving. She was dancing and singing, and would tell DD2, "Elsa, show us how you dance!" to try to get her to dance along. So cute!! 


    DD1, 1/5/2008 ~~~ DD2, 3/17/2010
  • Thankful brag---well, I am thankful that, after a year and a half of LA waking up to gagging on mucous and struggling through her first meal of the day (vomiting at least once)---she has been gag/vomit free for 3 weeks!  3 whole weeks!!
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