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i'm ready to scream at these people.  now my brother and his fiance are trying to make me have dinner ready three hours before I said i would and during L's nap time.  I am about to them I picked the dinner time, I'm the hostess, and if they don't like it they can go to cracker barrel.

I love how people with no kids have no clue.  Am I wrong for refusing to accomadate them?  When I made the invitation two and a half months ago and they refused it at that time.  Now all of a sudden they want to come three hours early? 

I need a drink.


Re: Grr.

  • I would pretend to meet them halfway and say you can have it an hour or so earlier but not put a whole lot of effort into making that really happen.  What are they going to do, leave hungry?
  • my brothers FB status:

    Is it because I'm not just like you? Because I don't think like you? Walk like you? Talk like you? Why are people so complicated ?


    My response:  It's because my daughter comes first.

    Passive aggressive much? Cooking for 8 when seven months pregnant is no joke. Next time you choose to be like this maybe you should think it through before posting in FB. It has taken me three days to plan this meal and cook in what would normally take me much less. And remember, you had a written invite 8 weeks in advance. Plan Ahead.


    His response: umm that wasnt even about you for your information , and i have not said anything to you yes i had time to plan but if your not trying to meet me in the middle then im just not coming over i tried and i dont understand what you are mad at me about


    Me:  Oh i'm not mad. i just think this whole post is hilarious.




    Seriously? Everything is like this with him.  If he doesn't like something I say or do he posts about it on FB to all his friends.  He will routinely call me a snob because I have a job and can't drop everything for him.  I'm so sick of the immaturity!  Remember a few weeks ago when I was asking about blocking my family or deleting them?  I never did it.

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