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Wish me luck....

I only have about an hr left of peace before my ILs arrive. My house has been restored (almost) back to pre-santa condition and it's as clean as it's going to get. Thankfully I was smart enough to order wings from Publix for dinner tonight. Please lord let my ILs be helpful this week I am so ready to collapse. Pray for my sanity and that my hormones don't say something they shouldn't. 
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Re: Wish me luck....

  • Repeat after me:  "Oh, I am feeling a little sick again.  Could you just put those dishes in the dishwasher for me and wipe off the counter?".  "I feel like I could use some quiet.  Do you mind taking Colin outside while I lay down?" 
  • Oh boy. Have fun with that. :p
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  • Good Luck! I selfishly hope for a good story out of the visit, but for your sake I hope it is easy. :) Remember to rest so you don't make yourself sick again when you are just starting to feel better. Happy Thanksgiving!
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  • Good luck! Praying everything goes smoothly
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