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my confusing cycles


So since giving birth (to a late loss) my periods have been consistent 30 days for at least 5 months. Last month I o'ed later so my cycle turned into 35 days and this month it looks like it will be even longer since it is already CD 22 and I havent O'ed yet..

 What might be the cause? I havent changed anything like intensively exercising or been on a starvation diet..

What do you guys think?

Re: my confusing cycles

  • I'm so sorry to hear about your loss. I wouldn't worry too much about your O-date changing and cycle lengthening,  lots of girls have erratic cycles after spells of regularity. Try not to worry and keep charting. I'm new to all of this, but that's my two cents Big Smile
  • First let me saw I am sorry for your loss. ?A lot of women have irregular cycles after a pregnancy. ?Mine varied anywhere from 24-31 days. ?It was a pain in the A$$, so my Dr. had me go on BCP for a couple of months to regulate my cycles, and it worked. ?I am back to my regular 26 day cycles that I had before getting pregnant with my son.

    You can alway call your Dr. to see what he/she thinks.?

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  • 30-35 day cycles sound normal to me, that's what I have too. I also O anywhere between CD18 and CD23, mostly on CD21 or 22. If you were irregular by more than a week, then I'd say it's a problem. As long as you're ovulating every month I think you're good. If you're concerned you can try BCPs like a pp said, when I got off them I was very regular, go figure. Some people have the opposite effect, though. So your doc will know best. GL!
    Me: 44 DH: 42. DS born healthy at 40 weeks 8/24/09. TTC since then with no luck or ART. Surprise BFP 8/6/14... MMC @ 8 weeks 4 days... Miss you everyday sweet baby angel.
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