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s/o Share your homemade Xmas gift ideas

I'm always in search of new low-cost homemade Xmas gifts for friends and family. What are you guys planning this year?

Liam and I have started a tradition of making homemade ornaments as gifts each year. This year, we have some seashells from our trip to the beach, so I think we are going to make seashell ornaments like these:

Also, because Liam loves hot sauce, we're going to make "Liam's Homemade Hot Sauce" and bottle it up with some cute labels. 

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Re: s/o Share your homemade Xmas gift ideas

  • I want to make handprint ornaments for the grandparents like this..

    I might paint them like Santa, like this:


    photo c107d4aa-9909-4a33-b3bd-bd94168bd5fc.jpg

  • I'm making a few things for my family. My mom always burns jar candles, so I'm making her a jar candle holder with a match stick jar. I bought a plain wooden box at AC Moore and am mod-podging a design on it for my niece as a jewelry/trinket box.

    Then I want to make several ornaments with Caleb, mostly for our tree but also as gifts. This is my favorite one! There are hints on how-to in this blog.


    And totally random - but I think I'm doing this for my dad. He needs absolutely nothing & doens't really have any hobbies, so he's hard to shop for. I think he'll get a kick out of it.


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  • I'm thinking of making Russian tea.  I think it's also known as spice tea.  It's super easy to make (in powder form) and if I get time, I'll put some Cmas fabric on top of the mason/ball jar and attach instruction on how to prepare.  It's super easy and very yummy.

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  • My friend was admiring the scarf I'm making for DH (not for xmas, I started it 2 years ago and never finished it.. whoops) and how warm is was, so I think I'm going to make her a scarf this year as her gift.  Other than that I'm definitely lacking on the craftiness gene, so I'll be mostly buy gifts.  Luckily I already have some bought and I've been accumulating little gifts (like the $20 customer appreciation jewelry from Kay Jewelers and small clearance items from the Coach outlet) throughout the year so I have some gifts for the in-laws covers with that!  Maybe once I have this little parasite my craftiness gene will kick in.. not sure about that though.
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