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What is your baby getting for the holidays?

I'm stuck at what to tell the g'parents to get Marion for holiday presents ... she'll only be three months old, so toys and such seem a bit ridiculous.  She has tons of clothes already too.  The only thing I've thought of is a high chair, since it won't be too long after Christmas until she'll need it. I guess books and DVDs are another option.

Re: What is your baby getting for the holidays?

  • Oh there are a ton of things to get a 3+ month old!!





    Swing for backyard

    Any age appropriate baby einstein, fisher price or leap frog toy that lights up and makes noise

     Bouncy balls

    Books, CDs, DVDs

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  • she'll be just around the corner from using toys and such.....

    Board books (that they can't eat the pages out of) are a hit... or the plush kind..  He loves one that has a finger puppet in the middle...
    Jumparoo (Luca loves that thing)
    Leapfrog Learning Table

    We are asking for:
    Trucks (he loves wheels)
    Push toys
    DH is going to start building a jungle gym in the yard

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  • i agree with books and more books. you can never have too many.

    my mom and grandmother get truitt savings bonds for his birthday and christmas. to date he has over $500 and is not even two (other relatives have gotten them for him as well). great start on college or the car he'll eventually want!! they get him something small that he can open but he has so much and at this age they don't know the difference.

  • Maybe a gift membership to the zoo or children's museum?  Books, CDs, maybe a keepsake ornament.
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