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feeling great!

I have been super tired the past 12 weeks but now that I've hit 13 weeks it's like a fog has been lifted.  I've got so much energy.  I did so much today and Friday I hardly slept but I was up and at em' early.  this is awesome!

Re: feeling great!

  • It's amazing how *poof* your whole mood changes in the 2nd trimester!!!


    You looked soooooo cute today with your teeny little belly!!

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  • Isn't it nice to be able to g through the day without feeling like you need a 3 hour nap? Take advantage of this energy!
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  • I remember the seemingly overnight change. It was great. I have been feeling fabulous the last 8 to 9 weeks but still get a nap in whenever possible. I just don't NEED the nap like I used to. Enjoy it!!
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