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Christmas gift idea for preschool/daycare teacher?

What are you giving your child's teacher for Christmas?  I'm drawing a blank on this. Any ideas? 

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Re: Christmas gift idea for preschool/daycare teacher?

  • I sell Thirty One.  I ordered each an Organizing Utility Totes with their first name on them.  The kids call them Miss First Name.  So I thought that would be cute and practical.  :)
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  • our room mom is collecting money and getting visa gift cards for both the teacher (who also happens to be my MIL) and the assistant. I love this idea cuz it would be hard for me with my MIL cuz i'd have to figure out 3 ideas for her (teacher gift, xmas gift and bday gift cuz her bday is th 26th). And i'm gonna do a cute lil thing for each of them that I saw on pinterest that u use a mason jar or cute jar and put m&M's in it with this cute lil poem about what they colors of the m&M's mean as a teacher.
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  • I am struggling with this because I have so many teachers/assistants to buy for! My DS has two (teacher and assistant), my DD has two (teacher and assistant), plus the preschool director (who is super involved) and the maintenance guy (who is so wonderful and all the kids love him). I am thinking of doing some type of basket or caddy and doing some soap and hand sanitizer from Bath and Body Works along with a gift certificate to Starbucks or Panera (maybe $10 each??). I don't think I will do this for "Mr. Ronnie" but maybe some type of gift card for him. Oh and my DS goes to a MMO one morning a week so I assume I need to get her a small gift as well as a Christmas bonus (cash) for my nanny. YIKES!!!
  • AT has 3 teachers. Im getting each of them:

    $10 Target GC
    Homemade ornament from AT
    Fancy Chapstick

    Ive always had good luck with the gift cards and this year AT can put his spin on it. GL!

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  • I'm giving Zoe's teachers a gift card to a local restaurant in a small bag with candy.
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  • Last year Liam's class pooled for gift cards for the teachers, and I hope we do that again this year. If not, I'll probably get gift cards, and maybe a little homemade something from Liam.
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  • My sister and I always have a lunch catared into the daycare since our children go to the same place. We think its a good idea so that way all of the teachers get a gift from them since really they all are invovled in every class. Then I will have DS make something small for them.
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  • $10 Target cards is what I've done in the past. 

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