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Anyone Use Baby Einstein DVD's?

Dh thinks we should get Luca a couple of DVD's..  I'm not sure about having him watch TV.  He'll look at the TV when it's on, but it doesn't seem to capture his interest for long...  Just wondering if anyone tried it..  I need to find a new way to get a shower...  Thanks...

Re: Anyone Use Baby Einstein DVD's?

  • um, [this is only my opinion and i'm not judging anyone at all] I don't think kids should watch t.v. until later - their brains need to mature before having all that visual stimuli shot at their eyes and brains...

    Can you bring him and something fun into the bathroom with you?  he can play and you can shower??  Maybe try just showering at night when your husband is home and can take the little one?

    I also apparently don't like those toys with little tags attached to them.  I was at the opening of Learning Express today and the woman showed it to me but I remembered the attraction of babies to self stimulating behavior and decided then and there that I don't like them.  she told me that mom's like them because they keep their babies occupied... um, toys to me shouldn't be for keeping one occupied but for learning.  i'm a freak I know... oh well.

  • Joe watches them and LOVES them! He has the sign language one, the one that teaches him shapes, and the one that teaches names of body parts.  The music is good and the characters make Joe laugh. =)
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  • i'm with opal. the AAP says 2 years old and i am unhappy about the fact that i gave in early due to this pregnancy and started letting him watch it at 21 months. there have been a lot of studies that have said BE (in particular) stunts verbal development. i don't have any bookmarked, but a quick google search will pull them up. Moon

    will Luca not play with toys while you shower? i always brought Tru in the bathroom and gave him his bead/wire thing and a couple other toys.

     if you really think that tv is the only way you can get some peace, you know. we all do what we have to. i am lucky that i made it to 21 months with a child that played with toys on his own while i got things done. of course, part of me attributes this to the fact that i never gave tv as an option. there is a cartoon out there called "Oswald" which is very cute and sweet and i do like it for Tru (i just ordered some from amazon bc Sesame St is getting tiring) b/c it's a slow pace, gentle sounds, not all epileptic. check it out. it's really cute!

  • I don't have a problem with limited tv for babies, my pedi said no more then an hour but discouraged baby einstein, I'm was with him on that.

    However, it wouldn't have kept Addie busy for a shower. she never sat down and watched it, still doesn't really. (unles she's sick). I played a lot of shower curtain peek a boo myself. Or gave Addie some bathroom toys to play with. or, more likely, waited until naptime.

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  • I would put Alex in his little bouncy playseat, or in the highchair with some snacks and roll it into the bathroom.

    I am not anti-tv at all - but Alex wasn't interested enough at that age and I wouldn't have felt comfortable leaving him in the other room while I showered anyway. 

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  • He just isn't into the toys..  The TV is about 8 feet from the shower...  I could set him there and watch him no problem....  Nap time isn't an option..  My child doesn't nap...  (actually he does, but it's super short 15-20 minutes) and it seems like every time I try to shower while he is in the crib he starts screaming bloody murder and I have to get out of the shower with a head full of shampoo...  He will watch the Today Show while I shower and sit there like a good boy (but it has to be the Today Show).  I was just hoping for something more age appropriate...  we're talking the time it takes to shower and dry off (10 min or less)..  I wouldn't leave him there to watch for any longer than that..  I may give it a shot..
  • We have a couple of them and E would watch them occasionally. I think she was more into the music then anything at that age.

    I'm not sure if this is an option for you, I would put E in her exersaucer and take a shower. It can be a pain to drag it into your bathroom but it helped me so much!

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  • Connor enjoyed the BE videos at that age. I hate to say it but my kid really likes tv and from the time he was an infant the tv was soothing to him. It still is at times, especially when he is cranky or doesn't feel well. His favorite BE video was the "Discovering Water."  Lots of soothing water sounds. As he has gotten older, we have moved on to Sesame Street videos, or DVR episodes of "Jack's Big Music Show" on Noggin. I think tv in moderation is fine, and like rayskit said you have to do what you have to do. Connor would have never sat in the bathroom and played with toys for even a few minutes; he would have been in the trashcan, the toilet paper, opening cabinets, etc.
  • I let my son watch his dvds once a day, if any.  He's been watching since he was 5-6 months old.  I only let him watch two, the Baby Einstein's Baby's First Signs and a Kids Songs - Dance dvd.  They're 30 mins each.  I don't think it's stunted his speech at all.  He's 14.5 months right now and can sign 5-6 words (more, please, book, ball, thank you, I love you) (they also teach them more signs at daycare) and can say a few words (diaper, bubbles, pop, duck-duck, dog, beep, thank you, apple, etc). 

    If DH and I are watching tv, he'll play with his toys.  If he sees a baby or dog on the tv, he'll say the words and if he hears music, he'll bounce like he's dancing, but for the most part, he ignores the tv. 
  • We have them but Sarah has never watched them.  I agree with bringing the exersaucer in the bathroom.  That is the only way I could take a shower.


  • Eh - It wasn't until a few months ago that Reagan got interested in tv. She watches a few shows on Noggin in the morning. Right now she is into Jacks Big Music Show and Lazytown. She will stop whatever she is doing and actually sits down to watch them. Anything else she could care less right now. She will dance with them and talk to them. May not be the best child care but DH & I work from home with her and it's sometimes the only way to get a little work done in the mornings.
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  • dd has been watching them once a day since she was a couple months...not every single day but most...she laughs at the puppets and loves the shapes colors and songs

    she will be 7 months on saturday and she says mama, dada, hey, and in my opinion her language & cognitive skills are above average.

    i must be a bad mom since i let her watch these...i didnt realize so many ppl were against them...my dr recomended them

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