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BF now pregnant...

My best friend, who like me, is 35 just told me she is pregnant.  I am shocked- as she got pregnant the first month of trying off the pill. She is now 5 weeks pregnant.  I on the otherhand I have PCOS.  So right  now  I am now back on Clomid and hope that this will be my month for a BFP!

I am feeling like a bad friend...I hate feeling this way....I am feeling envious & I never feel like this when others tell me they are pregnant. But for some reason this time it's different- perhaps because we are such close friends?!?!  Perhaps b/c her & her DH got married, then she had an affair, they divorced and then they got remarried 6 months ago.  Plus her DH is freaking out a bit now that they are pregnant, guess he did not think she'd be so fertile either!    

 I am happy for her but deep inside I wish it was me.....and that is why I am feeling like such a heel- such a bad friend.  I am even embarassed to tell DH how I for me that really says something.  I saw below that another nestie posted something very similar---glad to know I'm not alone.  It's such a strange feeling to so full of emotions right now, I totally did not expect her to tell me this yesterday. 




Re: BF now pregnant...

  • ok, so let me get this straight...she got married, had an affair, got divorced, then re-married the guy she divorced and now she's pregnant on the first freakin try!!!!!!!!!!!!

    wow, my whole karma is a b!tch philolsophy needs a re-think

    wow...just wow




    TTC since July 2007 a year on our own, 7 IUIs spread out over 2 years, all BFN IVF attempt #1 - September - antagonist protocol, called off CD8 due too poor response IVF attempt #2 - November - called off on CD11 due to low estrogen IVF attempt #3 - started stims Jan 25th...converted/cancelled Jan 31st...SWITCHED BACK TO IVF Feb 3rd! ER Feb 7th...lets DO this! ET Feb 12th, Beta #1 141, Beta #2 356, u/s #1 hb 141 bpm, u/s at 7 weeks 1 day no hb, missed m/c. So sad. IVF #4 scheduled for June 2011, last chance, this is it
  • B-I-N-G-O!!! 

    "Wow" is all I could say when she told me- I was so stunned.   

    So you can see why I am shocked, can't ya?!?!?!

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  • thats a crazy story!  and no, you are not alone...I feel the same way sometimes (lately, it seems to be happening a lot more).  You will find a way to be happy for her...just give it some time to sink in.
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  • Don't feel bad, are you kidding? I feel that way every single day, especially when I see a pg women. I wish it was me. My cousin, who got pg on her first try is going for #2 in December and instead of feeling happy for her, I just want to crawl into a hole and die. How much do you wanna bet she'll get pg right away? I'll bet you $1,000 bucks.

    So you're definitely not alone. That's just how TTC unsuccessfully is... IT SUCKS!

    Me: 44 DH: 42. DS born healthy at 40 weeks 8/24/09. TTC since then with no luck or ART. Surprise BFP 8/6/14... MMC @ 8 weeks 4 days... Miss you everyday sweet baby angel.
  • I cannot even begin to tell you the amount of people around me that are either A) new moms or B) pregnant.  It's RIDICULOUS.  But it is what it is and I have to do my best to stay positive and believe that my day will come soon... You are NOT alone with your thoughts.  ::hugs::
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  • I'm so sorry.  Left Hug  If there were true justice, teenage crack whores couldn't get pg and you lovely ladies would all have babies in your arms.  I just don't get it sometimes...

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    DS -- 3YO

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