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WTF Dunkin Donuts

Dear Dunkin Donuts-

I waited 10 minutes in your long line, ordered my food, waited to get it and was only told when I was ready to leave that you guys were out of hash browns.  The hash browns were the whole reason I stopped for breakfast in the first place.

Thanks for the offer of a free munchkin instead but it is NOT the same.



Pregnant Lady

PS- the Mint Hot Chocolate was Yummy and almost made up for the lack of hash browns, almost....

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Re: WTF Dunkin Donuts

  • They offered you *one* munchkin?? That's like offering you 1 M&M. I dunno I feel like you can't just have 1 munchkin. Lame.

    Mint hot chocolate sounds really good...I don't think I've ever had that.


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  • Agreed. One munchkin is just a tease. How about a box full that the pregnant lady can "share with her coworkers?"
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  • LOL @ "sharing"...  I turned down the munchkin.  I had already splurged ordering the hot chocolate and I didn't want to have too much caffeine and sugar.


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  • Lame!  I had something similar happen last month - DH and I stopped after my OB appt and I specifically asked to go there b/c I wanted a pumpkin muffin. We order, wait in the line for a while, and finally as they hand us our drinks, tell me they're out of the muffins.  I was a very sad pg chick. 

    And you're right - I got one of the mint hot chocolates last week and it was fabulous! 

  • The same thing happened to me a couple months ago when I went to dunkin donuts for an apple cinnamon donut.  Although they didn't offer me a free muchkin, that's hilarious! 


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  • yuuuummmmm..... i love DD's hashbrowns!! I would have been like "Do I look like someone that wants to hear that??" hahahaha.... I would have asked for a rain check for a week to make up for it lol.

    Speaking of munchkins... the DDs by work knows me by name (for the last 5 years) and always is giving me munchkins in a bag whenever I order anything, even if it's just coffee.... talk about not helping my cause of losing this damn baby weight!

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  • I think DD has a rule to disappoint pregnant woman.  All I craved was chocolate peanutbutter donuts when pregnant with A, I once waited in line for 20 minutes, thinking they had them, but it was vanilla filled.  So I got a pumpkin latte instead, and it sucked. 

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